Carl Corazzini

Carl Corazzini led the Griffins in scoring in the 2007–08 season.

The Grand Rapids Griffins are a professional ice hockey team based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are members of the North Division of the Western Conference in the American Hockey League (AHL). The team was founded in 1996 as an expansion franchise in the International Hockey League (IHL), and moved to the AHL following the IHL's folding in 2001. After playing their first three seasons as an independent team, Grand Rapids entered into an affiliation agreement with the Ottawa Senators in 1999. When that deal expired in 2002, the Griffins signed an agreement with the Detroit Red Wings. The two teams' current agreement lasts through the 2010–11 season.[1] As of May 22, 2010, 366 players have played at least one game for the Grand Rapids Griffins, either in the regular season or in the playoffs.

One hundred ten Griffins players have gone on to play in the National Hockey League (NHL) fifty-three of them made their NHL debut after skating for Grand Rapids. Nine former Griffins had their named engraved on the Stanley Cup as members of the Detroit Red Wings in 2008. While Detroit and Ottawa have been frequent NHL destinations for former members of the Griffins, owing to their respective affiliation tenures, every NHL club has had a Griffins alumnus on its roster at some point.[2] Numerous Griffins players have been recognized by the IHL or AHL for their play. Donald MacLean won the Les Cunningham Award as the AHL's most valuable player for the 2005–06 season; Niklas Kronwall won the Eddie Shore Award the previous season as the league's top defenseman. Derek King was a co-winner of the Leo P. Lamoureux Memorial Trophy for leading the IHL in scoring for the 2000–01 season. Seven Griffins have been named 1st Team All-Stars by either the IHL or the AHL.

Travis Richards, a member of the Griffins from their inception in 1996 until his retirement in 2006, is the franchise leader in games played (655). The team retired his jersey number 24 in November 2006.[3] Michel Picard is the franchise leader in goals (158), assists (222) and points (380); Darryl Bootland leads the Griffins in penalty minutes (1164). For goaltenders, Joey MacDonald leads the franchise in games played (164), wins (88) and shutouts (16). The current captain of the Grand Rapids Griffins is Jamie Tardif; he is the twelfth player to serve in that capacity.


  *  Made NHL debut after playing for Griffins.
  †  Appeared in a Griffins game during the 2009–10 season.
  ‡  Made NHL debut after playing for Griffins and appeared in a Griffins game during the 2009–10 season.

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Name Nat Seasons[b] Regular season Playoffs Notes


Alban, ChadFlag of the United States2000–01
Ayers, MikeFlag of the United States2004–05100006.02.750
Beaubien, FrederickFlag of Canada1999–2000100004.07.800
Berkhoel, AdamFlag of the United States2007–08311014412.93.888
Chouinard, Mathieu *Flag of Canada2000–02532819232.57.89931101.78.9352001–02 AHL Hap Holmes Memorial Award (co-winner)
Cyr, RyanFlag of Canada2006–07100001.63.929
Daigle, SylvainFlag of Canada2000–01101005.00.853
Fountain, MikeFlag of Canada1999–20018855171092.24.91995312.77.8972000–2001 IHL 2nd Team All-Star
Gordon, IanFlag of Canada1996–99954137733.05.89530203.52.883
Howard, Jimmy *Flag of the United States2005–09186907311142.67.91130121702.74.8992005–06 AHL All-Rookie Team
Hurme, Jani *Flag of Finland1999–2000522915442.18.9211710712.16.9241999–2000 IHL 2nd Team All-Star
Joseph, CurtisFlag of Canada2003–04110001.00.952
Kochan, Dieter *Flag of Canada1999–2000210100.64.970
Koopmans, LoganFlag of Canada2005–06101007.54.722
Lacher, BlaineFlag of Canada1996–971118103.76.877
Lajeunesse, Simon *Flag of Canada2001–0226137532.11.91620002.82.7502001–02 AHL Hap Holmes Memorial Award (co-winner)
Lalime, PatrickFlag of Canada1997–98311010922.61.91810103.11.892
Lambert, JuddFlag of Canada2000–01303003.65.859
Lamothe, MarcFlag of Canada2002–04103543413102.10.9241910812.15.9262002–03 AHL Baz Bastien Memorial Award
2002–03 AHL Hap Holmes Memorial Award (co-winner)
2002–03 AHL 1st Team All-Star
Larsson, Daniel †Flag of Sweden2008–10934536462.81.905
Legace, MannyFlag of Canada2005–06110002.00.909
Little, NeilFlag of Canada1998–99501821533.15.894
Liv, StefanFlag of Sweden2006–07341515223.01.895
MacDonald, Joey *Flag of Canada2002–0716488577162.37.92120106.34.8152002–03 AHL Hap Holmes Memorial Award (co-winner)
MacIntyre, Drew *Flag of Canada2004–06371512012.78.90053101.62.940
Mazzoli, PatFlag of Canada1996–97520003.56.898
McCollum, Thomas †Flag of the United States2009–10321016203.48.881
Moss, Tyler *Flag of Canada1996–971556102.94.904
Osgood, ChrisFlag of Canada2005–06321003.34.882
Pearce, Jordan †Flag of the United States2008–10613004.07.873
Prusek, Martin *Flag of the Czech Republic2001–0233188541.83.93052302.16.8962001–02 AHL Baz Bastien Memorial Award
2001–02 AHL Hap Holmes Memorial Award (co-winner)
2001–02 AHL 1st Team All-Star
Reddick, PokeyFlag of Canada1996–987135191062.62.91152302.32.9161996–97 IHL Honorable Mention All-Star
Rudkowsky, CodyFlag of Canada2007–08201008.40.818
Turple, DanFlag of Canada2007–08100003.00.857
Vicari, DominicFlag of the United States2006–071010010.40.429


Name Nat Pos Seasons[b] Regular season Playoffs Notes
<span id="A"/>Abdelkader, Justin †Flag of the United StatesLW2008–101093541761881062823
Adams, BryanFlag of CanadaLW2002–03748172537132024
Adams, JohnFlag of the United StatesD2005–0650000
Adams, Kevyn *Flag of the United StatesC1996–97822225474751124
Afanasenkov, DmitryFlag of RussiaLW2001–02181232
Aldridge, KeithFlag of the United StatesD2000–0136381199100228
Allison, ScottFlag of CanadaLW1996–971221341400021
Amadio, GregFlag of CanadaD2004–069905523630000
Andersson, JoakimFlag of SwedenC2008–0910110103101310
Angel, BrettFlag of CanadaD2005–0640005
Armstrong, BillFlag of CanadaC1996–973518939
Armstrong, Riley †Flag of CanadaRW2009–101732514
Ashe, TomFlag of the United StatesD1997–991296152112231016
Atherton, P.J.Flag of the United StatesD2008–091612312
Avery, SeanFlag of CanadaC2002–0315661282
Axelsson, Dick †Flag of SwedenLW2009–10172356
<span id="B"/>Bala, Chris *Flag of the United StatesLW2001–0270211637940110
Ballantyne, PaulFlag of CanadaD2002–053912324
Barnes, Ryan *Flag of CanadaLW2002–052111827454931911224
Barney, ScottFlag of CanadaRW2006–0740481226
Baseggio, DaveFlag of CanadaD1999–2000150776150666
Batyrshin, RuslanFlag of RussiaD1997–982202254
Baxter, JimFlag of CanadaD2003–0421010
Bayrack, MikeFlag of CanadaLW2001–0220000
Beckett, JasonFlag of CanadaD2006–0741012
Bednar, JaredFlag of CanadaD1998–997431821220
Berens, SeanFlag of the United StatesC2000–013738112640000
Bicanek, RadimFlag of the Czech RepublicD1998–99468172548
Bilotto, NicFlag of CanadaD2003–044011010000
Bjork, AndersFlag of SwedenC1998–9935861417
Black, JamesFlag of CanadaRW2001–02296101610
Blanchard, SeanFlag of CanadaD2000–01100007
Blouin, JeanFlag of CanadaRW1996–9710000
Boileau, PatrickFlag of CanadaD2002–03232111339
Boisvert, HugoFlag of CanadaC2001–0423238478516424641022
Boivin, ClaudeFlag of CanadaLW1997–9831125176930008
Bonello, BradFlag of CanadaC2005–06801112
Bonni, RyanFlag of CanadaD2003–04541679840008
Bootland, Darryl *Flag of CanadaRW2002–07293726814011644191019130
Bouchard, JoelFlag of CanadaD2000–011939128
Bouchard, RobinFlag of CanadaRW2004–0540116
Brimanis, ArisFlag of the United StatesD1998–996616213770
Brisson, DavidFlag of CanadaRW2003–04333142
Brookbank, Sheldon *Flag of CanadaD2001–0375212141601513428
Brookbank, Wade *Flag of CanadaD2001–0273167337301114
Brooks, BrendanFlag of CanadaRW2006–0751981744
Brule, EricFlag of CanadaD2000–0120000
Buckberger, AshleyFlag of CanadaRW1998–99111230
Bullock, GregFlag of CanadaC1997–9835919285830114
Burke, GerryFlag of the United StatesD2006–0720000
Butsayev, SlavaFlag of RussiaC1999–20011436170131150275172242
<span id="C"/>Cameron, ScottFlag of CanadaLW2005–0630002
Campbell, EdFlag of the United StatesD2002–0380012121401501122
Campbell, JeffFlag of CanadaLW2006–0761102131250002
Charleston, DanFlag of the United StatesLW2008–0930004
Chaulk, ColinFlag of CanadaC2001–02133141520112
Chelios, ChrisFlag of the United StatesD2008–0920112
Ciernik, IvanFlag of SlovakiaLW1999–20021344251931171651217282000–01 IHL Honorable Mention All-Star
2000–01 IHL Plus/Minus Award
Cipruss, AigarsFlag of LatviaC1996–9710110
Clancy, GregFlag of CanadaC1997–9849931226
Clark, NeilFlag of CanadaLW2007–081400014
Coetzee, Willie †Flag of CanadaRW2009–1020000
Cole, DantonFlag of the United StatesRW/C1996–2000190354277110842621998–99 Team captain
Coles, BruceFlag of CanadaLW1998–991517810
Collins, Rob *Flag of CanadaC/RW2001–03781122331615381110
Corazzini, CarlFlag of the United StatesRW2007–088024366014
Cornforth, MarkFlag of CanadaD1997–98812320300017
Corpse, KeliFlag of CanadaC1996–97193472
Crosty, Paul †Flag of CanadaD2009–1058022170
Crowley, MikeFlag of the United StatesD2000–01224121610
Cullen, MarkFlag of the United StatesC2007–0859163147612007–08 Team captain[e]
Curtin, LukeFlag of the United StatesLW1998–9940002
<span id="D"/>Daavettila, Trent †Flag of the United StatesLW2009–1021010
DaCosta, JeffFlag of CanadaD2000–0110002
Dahlman, Toni *Flag of FinlandRW2001–025068142540000
Delmore, Andy †Flag of CanadaD2009–10545152032
Demidov, IljaFlag of RussiaD2000–016115673201121
Demitra, PavolFlag of SlovakiaLW1996–974220305024
DeSantis, MarkFlag of CanadaD1998–9970009
DiCasmirro, NateFlag of the United StatesRW2005–0672163652971633620
Dobbin, BrianFlag of CanadaRW1996–972945939
Doig, JasonFlag of CanadaD2001–025711718103500018
Dolyny, RustynFlag of CanadaRW2002–0310002
Downey, AaronFlag of CanadaRW2008–09652791261001144
Drevitch, ScottFlag of the United StatesD1997–9830000
<span id="E"/>Eaton, MarkFlag of the United StatesD2004–052933621
Edwardson, DerekFlag of the United StatesC2004–0530000
Ehrhardt, Travis †Flag of CanadaD2009–104205538
Eldred, MattFlag of the United StatesD2002–0320000
Elick, MickeyFlag of CanadaD1998–99173698
Ellis, Matt *Flag of CanadaC/LW2003–072826984153187278412262005–07 Team captain
Emmerton, Cory †Flag of CanadaLW/C2006–1015222517340111012
Emmons, John *Flag of the United StatesC1999–200173111627821614528
Engelhardt, BrettFlag of the United StatesRW2007–0842881633
Ericsson, Jonathan *Flag of SwedenD2006–0917617617823370008
<span id="F"/>Fair, QuinnFlag of CanadaD1996–9720000
Feasby, ScottFlag of CanadaD1997–9840110
Ference, BradFlag of CanadaD2007–083211278
Ferraro, Landon †Flag of CanadaC2009–1020000
Fiebelkorn, JedFlag of the United StatesRW1998–9950225
Filppula, Valtteri *Flag of FinlandC2005–0777225274321679164
Fojtik, JosefFlag of the Czech RepublicLW2007–081302212
Frappier, ShawnFlag of CanadaD1996–9730000
Frederick, JoeFlag of the United StatesRW1998–994523184198
<span id="G"/>Gagnon, Aaron *Flag of CanadaC2008–09618111928101232
Gagnon, SeanFlag of CanadaD2000–0170416202261023530
Galvin, Tom †Flag of the United StatesD2006–1019133740120101238
Gelech, RandallFlag of CanadaRW2007–0975781539
Gervais, VictorFlag of CanadaC1996–971424616
Giroux, Alexandre *Flag of CanadaC2001–02701116277481014
Goldmann, Erich *Flag of GermanyD1999–002611215
Gorovikov, KonstantinFlag of RussiaC1999–011251633497881014
Goulet, StephaneFlag of CanadaRW2006–0720002
Gove, David *Flag of the United StatesC2001–02172468
Greenough, NickFlag of CanadaRW2002–031821351
Greig, MarkFlag of CanadaRW1997–986926366210330444
Grigorenko, IgorFlag of RussiaRW2007–0850004
Grimes, KevinFlag of CanadaD1999–2001900017
Groulx, DannyFlag of CanadaD2002–05203123143235100117
Gruden, JohnFlag of the United StatesD1999–200214110374790273811182001–02 AHL 1st Team All-Star
<span id="H"/>Hachborn, LenFlag of CanadaC1996–97192246
Hackert, MichaelFlag of GermanyLW2005–061603314
Hall, MikeFlag of CanadaC2000–0171010
Hankinson, BenFlag of the United StatesRW1996–976816132921952244
Harrold, JoshFlag of the United StatesD2000–01140224
Hartigan, MarkFlag of CanadaC2007–084823194276
Hartlieb, ErnieFlag of the United StatesLW2004–054436923
Hay, DarrellFlag of CanadaD2007–0840112
Haydar, DarrenFlag of CanadaRW2008–09793149802610471142008–09 Team captain
Helm, Darren *Flag of CanadaC2007–0912229396854
Helmer, BryanFlag of CanadaD2004–0616019628120216189242005–06 AHL 2nd Team All-Star
Henkel, JimFlag of the United StatesC2003–04152134
Himelfarb, EricFlag of CanadaC2003–0721446601061812713424
Hlushko, ToddFlag of CanadaLW1998–998224265078
Hnidy, Shane *Flag of CanadaD1997–98
Hocking, JustinFlag of CanadaD2000–01600012
Hudler, JiriFlag of the Czech RepublicC/LW2003–06185651141791122072128222005–06 AHL 2nd Team All-Star
Huffman, KerryFlag of CanadaD1997–99774242866300021997–98 Team captain
Hull, JodyFlag of CanadaRW2001–0232132
Hurd, KellyFlag of CanadaRW1996–9740114
Hussey, MarcFlag of CanadaD1998–991306614
Hussey, MattFlag of the United StatesLW2006–07751529443661122
Hutchins, JeffFlag of CanadaLW2004–051210145
Hymovitz, DavidFlag of the United StatesLW2001–02801533482251230
<span id="I"/>Insana, JonFlag of the United StatesD2004–08125419236951014
<span id="J"/>Jackson, JimFlag of the United StatesD2006–0710000
Jackson, ToddFlag of the United StatesRW2004–063503312
Janik, Doug †Flag of the United StatesD2009–10666313784
Jasecko, StanislavFlag of SlovakiaD1996–97623151848
Johansson, JonasFlag of SwedenRW2006–071232510
Johnson, CoryFlag of CanadaLW1996–98201238
Jorde, RyanFlag of CanadaD2005–0630002
Jozsa, JasonFlag of CanadaD2007–08732111342100557
<span id="K"/>Kaminsky, YanFlag of RussiaLW1998–9970220
Karlander, KoryFlag of CanadaLW/C1998–2000
Keefe, AdamFlag of CanadaRW2006–0848134221
Keller, Ryan *Flag of CanadaRW2005–07481081840130000
Kelly, BrentFlag of CanadaC2004–05223474
Kelly, Chris *Flag of CanadaC2001–02313362051125
Kenny, ShaneFlag of CanadaD1999–20002411238
Kindl, Jakub ‡Flag of the Czech RepublicD2005–10229127284219172352
King, DerekFlag of CanadaLW1999–2001
264731302038346162541181999–2000 IHL Honorable Mention All-Star
2000–01 IHL Leo P. Lamoureux Trophy (co-winner)
2000–01 IHL 1st Team All-Star
Kinley, CleveFlag of CanadaD2006–08110224
Knox, RyanFlag of CanadaD2001–032756111410002
Kolanos, KrysFlag of CanadaC2006–071766128
Kolosov, Sergei †Flag of BelarusD2008–101366131965100009
Kopecky, Tomas *Flag of the Czech RepublicLW/RW2002–0624363751382183134733
Kordic, DanFlag of CanadaD1998–9930000
Kroll, Johann †Flag of the United StatesD2009–1020002
Kronwall, Niklas *Flag of SwedenD2003–06102155166732004–05 AHL Eddie Shore Award
2004–05 AHL 1st Team All-Star
Kruppke, GordFlag of CanadaD1998–994205593
Kuparinen, MikkoFlag of FinlandD1998–991902235
Kwiatkowski, Joel *Flag of CanadaD2000–0214212385015215224162000–01 IHL Honorable Mention All-Star
<span id="L"/>LaFleur, BrianFlag of the United StatesD1998–9940002
Langfeld, Josh *Flag of the United StatesRW2001–02
Lashoff, Brian †Flag of the United StatesD2008–1012167281452
Lavigne, EricFlag of CanadaD1997–98401113
Lebda, Brett *Flag of the United StatesD2003–0611162531761514510
Legault, JayFlag of CanadaRW2004–0520000
Leino, Ville *Flag of FinlandRW2008–095715314618103101310
Lemieux, Francis †Flag of CanadaRW2007–101052129509670118
Leroux, FrancoisFlag of CanadaD1998–991311222
Lilja, Andreas †Flag of SwedenD2009–1040006
Lindberg, ChrisFlag of CanadaLW1997–98188142225
Linden, JamieFlag of CanadaRW1996–9850891714361124
Lojkin, AlexeiFlag of BelarusLW1998–99101234
Luciuk, AndrewFlag of CanadaC2002–0321014
Lundbohm, BryanFlag of the United StatesC2004–0530000
<span id="M"/>MacLean, CailFlag of CanadaRW2000–01162020
MacLean, DonaldFlag of CanadaLW/C1998–99
1046245107711462882005–06 AHL Les Cunningham Award
2005–06 AHL Willie Marshall Award (co-winner)
2005–06 AHL 1st Team All Star
Manlow, EricFlag of CanadaC2004–061414668114681633612
Manning, BlairFlag of CanadaC1996–9810112410110
Martens, NickFlag of the United StatesD2005–0667412165470112
Martins, SteveFlag of CanadaC2001–02511021316630000
Mason, WesFlag of CanadaLW2001–0261014
Matzka, ScottFlag of the United StatesC2001–0241012
Maurice, MikeFlag of CanadaC1996–97
May, Brad †Flag of CanadaLW2009–1017551040
McBain, JasonFlag of CanadaD1999–200016167231525712
McCann, SeanFlag of CanadaD1996–9776826344650002
McCarthy, JeremiahFlag of the United StatesD2002–03110112120116
McCarty, DarrenFlag of CanadaRW2007–093210112142103148
McDonell, KentFlag of CanadaRW2005–06772137581711654920
McGrath, Evan †Flag of CanadaC2006–10262496611511670000
McSorley, MartyFlag of CanadaD2000–011402236
McSween, DonFlag of the United StatesD1996–98777202770301181996–97 Team captain
Meech, Derek *Flag of CanadaD2004–08230174865165230338
Metcalfe, JasonFlag of CanadaD1999–200020009
Metropolit, Glen *Flag of CanadaC1997–991564888136182311201998–99 IHL Honorable Mention All-Star
Millar, CraigFlag of CanadaD2000–01121232
Miller, KellyFlag of the United StatesLW1999–200026448870112
Miller, KevinFlag of the United StatesC/RW1999–2000
1374755102732114721351999–2000 IHL Honorable Mention All-Star
Miller, KipFlag of the United StatesC2000–02
Mowers, MarkFlag of the United StatesC/RW2002–0494425395511534742002–03 AHL 2nd Team All-Star
Moyer, RussFlag of CanadaD2007–0820000
Mueller, ChrisFlag of the United StatesRW2007–0820000
Muller, MikeFlag of the United StatesD1996–9720004
Murphy, JoeFlag of CanadaRW2001–0257814222451010
Mursak, Jan †Flag of SloveniaLW2006–07
Myrvold, AndersFlag of NorwayD2003–0471021219440112
<span id="N"/>Naumenko, NickFlag of the United StatesD2006–0760338
Nedomansky, VashiFlag of SlovakiaRW1997–991964101030000
Neil, Chris *Flag of CanadaRW1999–20011292431556551824646
Nelson, JeffFlag of CanadaC1996–97
1484987136134914581996–97 IHL Honorable Mention All-Star
Nelson, ToddFlag of CanadaD1996–98
23611566712325123121999–2000 IHL Honorable Mention All-Star
1999–2000 IHL Plus/Minus Award
Newbury, Kris †Flag of CanadaC2009–1052112233144
Nolan, TomFlag of the United StatesC1998–9960112
Norris, WarrenFlag of CanadaC1998–200070000
Norton, BradFlag of the United StatesD2006–0743145102712324
Novotney, LandonFlag of CanadaLW2007–0820000
Nylander, Michael †Flag of SwedenC2009–10242161814
<span id="O"/>O'Leary, MarkFlag of CanadaLW2007–081631429
Oliver, DavidFlag of CanadaRW2000–015114173135106288
Oulahen, RyanFlag of CanadaLW2005–0930253541071402302262007–08 Team captain[e]
Owens, Jordan †Flag of CanadaLW2009–101714522
<span id="P"/>Panzer, JeffFlag of the United StatesC2004–052063911
Pare, Francis †Flag of CanadaC2008–1014040478734102242
Parillo, NickFlag of the United StatesC2002–03
Parse, Scott *Flag of the United StatesRW2006–0710257671018
Patterson, EdFlag of CanadaRW1997–98
2255175126457187512271999–2001 Team captain
Pavlikovsky, RastislavFlag of SlovakiaLW1999–20011605524
Peterson, BrentFlag of CanadaLW1998–9917751214
Peterson, BrettFlag of the United StatesD2008–0918011410110
Petrovicky, RobertFlag of SlovakiaC1998–20005631356691
Picard, MichelFlag of CanadaLW1996–2000
36415822238022141131124241996–97 IHL 1st Team All-Star
1997–98 IHL Honorable Mention All-Star
1999–2000 IHL Honorable Mention All-Star
2002–03 AHL 2nd Team All-Star
Piche, Sebastien †Flag of CanadaD2009–1090004
Pinfold, DennisFlag of CanadaD1999–200010007
Plante, PhilippeFlag of CanadaD1999–2003
Pyett, Logan †Flag of CanadaD2008–101411232445310000
<span id="Q"/>Quincey, Kyle *Flag of CanadaD2005–082011659753821801127
<span id="R"/>Rachunek, Karel *Flag of the Czech RepublicD1999–200062620266490556
Radunske, BrockFlag of CanadaLW2006–072020212
Raedeke, BrentFlag of CanadaLW2008–0920000
Ramsay, BruceFlag of CanadaLW1996–991759142378140002
Redenbach, TylerFlag of CanadaC2007–0828371010
Reid, ShawnFlag of CanadaD1997–9820002
Remackel, ChadFlag of the United StatesLW1996–9770918273610000
Rennette, TylerFlag of CanadaC2003–0420000
Richards, TravisFlag of the United StatesD1996–2006655561822385025942125422001–04 Team captain
2000–01 IHL 2nd Team All-Star
Richardson, BryanFlag of CanadaC2001–02121344
Rissmiller, Patrick †Flag of the United StatesC2009–106320254518
Ritola, Mattias ‡Flag of SwedenLW2007–10211416510614480220
Rivers, JamieFlag of CanadaD2000–01
Roberts, DavidFlag of the United StatesLW2000–017227366347101238
Robinson, Nathan *Flag of CanadaLW/C2002–0517235569175110332
Robinson, ToddFlag of CanadaC2004–0540719266
Roest, StacyFlag of CanadaC2002–03702448722815106168
Rohlfs, David †Flag of the United StatesD2009–1050002
Royer, Gaetan *Flag of CanadaRW1998–995212618177
Ruchty, MattFlag of CanadaLW1996–99140233457682813443
Ruid, J.C.Flag of the United StatesLW2001–0230002
Rumble, DarrenFlag of CanadaD1998–2000829324164
Rybovic, LubomirFlag of SlovakiaLW1996–9710000
Ryno, JohanFlag of SwedenLW2007–08123478
<span id="S"/>Sarault, YvesFlag of CanadaLW1999–2000621726437717741132
Sasseville, FrancoisFlag of CanadaC1998–9930002
Schastlivy, Petr *Flag of RussiaLW1999–2002120483987302412112361999–2000 IHL Honorable Mention All-Star
Schneekloth, AaronFlag of CanadaD2002–045817814
Shafronov, KonstantinFlag of KazakhstanRW1999–200024381115
Shannon, DarrinFlag of CanadaLW1998–991015612
Shevalier, JeffFlag of CanadaLW1999–200020000
Shockey, JonathonFlag of CanadaD2001–0260117
Simon, BenFlag of the United StatesLW2006–07214592870009
Simon, DarcyFlag of CanadaD1996–988451520383511235
Skarperud, TimFlag of the United StatesRW2001–049620193933112240
Sloan, BlakeFlag of the United StatesRW2003–0585191332722004–05 Team captain
Smith, AdamFlag of CanadaD1998–99500012
Smith, DanFlag of CanadaD2006–0780110119770118
Smith, DarinFlag of CanadaLW1996–971421323
Solari, KelvinFlag of CanadaLW1996–9710002
Spezza, Jason *Flag of CanadaC2001–0231012
Spiridonov, MaximFlag of RussiaRW1997–99411117281230000
Sryubko, AndreiFlag of UkraineD1999–20002801110920009
Stafford, Garrett ‡Flag of the United StatesD2007–09139226789861005542007–08 Team captain[e]
Stewart, BobbyFlag of CanadaC2000–0170220
Stokes, Ryan †Flag of CanadaD2009–10701111
Sullivan, BrianFlag of the United StatesRW1997–98541271949
Syvret, DannyFlag of CanadaD2006–07574162016
Szysky, ChrisFlag of CanadaRW1998–20021502524492422726872
<span id="T"/>Tallaire, SeanFlag of CanadaRW1997–997713173065
Tardif, Jamie †Flag of CanadaRW2006–1023951491002411220282009–10 Team captain
Tatar, Tomas †Flag of SlovakiaLW2009–105816163212
Tollefsen, Ole-Kristian †Flag of NorwayD2009–101610144
Torquato, ZackFlag of CanadaC2007–09121018
Traverse, PatrickFlag of CanadaD1996–97102131020112
Trboyevich, DeanFlag of the United StatesD1996–9896369167501114
Tremblay, J.F.Flag of CanadaD2000–0120000
Tucker, TravisFlag of the United StatesD1997–991200038
<span id="U"/>Ulmer, JeffFlag of CanadaRW2001–02739172665501111
<span id="V"/>Vandermeer, Pete *Flag of CanadaLW2004–057341317310
Van Drunen, Dave *Flag of CanadaD1999–2004280930393663502258
Vasilevsky, AlexFlag of UkraineRW1996–971015643501119
Vasilyev, AndreiFlag of RussiaLW1998–995921274824
Vauclair, Julien *Flag of SwitzerlandD2001–0271514191840114
Vigilante, John †Flag of the United StatesF2009–107911142531
Vilneff, MarkFlag of CanadaD1997–9850000
Virtue, TerryFlag of CanadaD2005–0612112331608842
Voce, TonyFlag of the United StatesLW2006–072546103773256
<span id="W"/>Wallace, BuddyFlag of the United StatesC1999–200040114
Walsh, Mike †Flag of the United StatesLW2006–10476171750440
Watt, MikeFlag of CanadaLW2006–0710000
Weaver, JasonFlag of CanadaLW1997–995446108420110
White, ToddFlag of CanadaC2000–01642232542010448102000–01 IHL Honorable Mention All-Star
Whitecotton, DustinFlag of CanadaC2001–03101011010000
Williams, JasonFlag of CanadaC2002–0345232245181517816
Williams, Jeremy †Flag of CanadaRW2009–107732316355
Wilson, Clay *Flag of the United StatesD2005–066010273740160338
Wilson, LandonFlag of the United StatesRW2008–0915871537
Wong, Brandon †Flag of CanadaF2009–1030110
Wood, DerekFlag of CanadaC2000–0161122
<span id="Y"/>Yule, SteveFlag of CanadaD1996–9730119


  • a This total does not include Chris Chelios, Curtis Joseph, Manny Legace, Andreas Lilja and Chris Osgood, who returned to the NHL following conditioning stints in Grand Rapids.
  • b The seasons column lists the first year of the season of the player's first game and the last year of the season of the player's last game. For example, a player who played one game in the 1996–97 IHL season would be listed as playing with the team from 1996 to 1997, regardless of what calendar year the game occurred within.
  • c During the Griffins' existence, ties were not an attainable outcome in the IHL and were only attainable in the AHL until the 2004–05 season.
  • d "Overtime losses" encompasses all point-earning losses that occur after regulation play, including overtime losses proper and shootout losses.
  • e During the 2007–08 season, the Griffins rotated the captaincy among Mark Cullen, Ryan Oulahen and Garrett Stafford on a five-game basis.[4]


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