This is a List of drafted Färjestads BK players, players who has been drafted in the NHL Entry Draft and played the season prior to the draft for Färjestads BK. Players are listed according to year of draft, and then by overall position drafted.

Drafted playersEdit

[1] Player Nationality Drafted by Year Round Overall
W Harald Lückner Sweden New York Islanders 1977 007th 0121st
D Björn Olsson Sweden St. Louis Blues 1977 009th 0147th
C Bengt-Åke Gustafsson Sweden Washington Capitals 1978 004th 0055th
F Dan Hermansson Sweden St. Louis Blues 1978 010th 0175th
W Håkan Loob Sweden Calgary Flames 1980 009th 0181st
W Jan Ingman Sweden Montreal Canadiens 1981 001st 0019th
D Håkan Nordin Sweden St. Louis Blues 1981 002nd 0036th
LW Magnus Roupé Sweden Philadelphia Flyers 1982 009th 0182nd
C Thomas Rundkvist Sweden Montreal Canadiens 1983 010th 0198th
RW Lars Karlsson Sweden Detroit Red Wings 1984 008th 0152nd
D Fredrik Olausson Sweden Winnipeg Jets 1985 004th 0081st
C Bo Svanberg Sweden Detroit Red Wings 1985 011th 0218th
W Daniel Rydmark Sweden Los Angeles Kings 1989 006th 0123rd
D Mattias Olsson Sweden Los Angeles Kings 1991 010th 0218th
C Mathias Johansson Sweden Calgary Flames 1992 003rd 0054th
RW Jonas Höglund Sweden Calgary Flames 1992 010th 0222nd
D Anders Myrvold Norway Quebec Nordiques 1993 005th 0127th
D Henrik Rehnberg Sweden New Jersey Devils 1995 004th 0096th
LW Jan Laabraten Sweden Calgary Flames 1995 004th 0098th
RW Kristian Huselius Sweden Florida Panthers 1997 002nd 0047th
D Jonas Elofsson Sweden Edmonton Oilers 1997 004th 0094th
LW Magnus Arvedson Sweden Ottawa Senators 1997 005th 0119th
LW Christian Berglund Sweden New Jersey Devils 1998 002nd 0037th
LW Peter Nordström Sweden Boston Bruins 1998 003rd 0078th
C Rickard Wallin Sweden Phoenix Coyotes 1998 006th 0160th
D Jonas Frögren Sweden Calgary Flames 1998 008th 0206th
D Pelle Prestberg Sweden Anaheim, Mighty Ducks of !Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 1998 009th 0233rd
C Tore Vikingstad Norway St. Louis Blues 1999 006th 0180th
LW Andreas Jämtin Sweden Detroit Red Wings 2001 005th 0157th
LW Marius Holtet Norway Dallas Stars 2002 002nd 0042nd
D Robin Jonsson Sweden St. Louis Blues 2002 004th 0120th
D Pierre Johnsson Sweden Calgary Flames 2002 007th 0207th
D Per Johnsson Sweden Calgary Flames 2006 007th 0209th
D Johan Motin Sweden Edmonton Oilers 2008 004th 0103rd
C Marcus Johansson Sweden Washington Capitals 2009 001st 0024th
F Henrik Björklund Sweden Calgary Flames 2009 004th 0111th
G Johan Gustafsson Sweden Minnesota Wild 2010 006th 0159th

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