This is a list of drafted Djurgårdens IF players, players who have been drafted in the National Hockey League (NHL) Entry Draft and played the season prior to the draft for the Djurgården ice hockey organization. There have been 43 players drafted in the NHL Entry Draft from the Djurgården organization. This ranks second in Sweden and fourth in Europe.[1] The first Djurgården player to be picked was Sören Johansson in the 1974 NHL Amateur Draft, he was also the third Swede overall to be picked in a NHL draft.[2]

Drafted playersEdit

Mikael Tellqvist, drafted in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft, 3rd round, 70th overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs.Niklas Kronwall, drafted in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft, 1st round, 29th overall by the Detroit Red Wings.Marcus Nilson, drafted in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft, 1st round, 20th overall by the Florida Panthers.

[5] Player Nationality Drafted by Year Round Overall
RW Sören Johansson Sweden Kansas City Scouts 1974 011th 0177th
C Kent Nilsson Sweden Atlanta Flames 1976 004th 0064th
D Thomas Eriksson Sweden Boston Bruins 1979 005th 0098th
D Michael Thelvén Sweden Boston Bruins 1980 009th 0186th
LW Jens Öhling Sweden Boston Bruins 1980 010th 0207th
F Martin Linse Sweden Hartford Whalers 1982 011th 0214th
D Tommy Albelin Sweden Quebec Nordiques 1983 008th 0152nd
F Bo Berglund Sweden Quebec Nordiques 1983 012th 0232nd
D Orwar Stambert Sweden Buffalo Sabres 1984 008th 0165th
D Arto Blomsten Sweden Winnipeg Jets 1986 012th 0239th
F Tomaz Eriksson Sweden Philadelphia Flyers 1987 004th 0083rd
G Hans-Göran Elo Sweden Winnipeg Jets 1987 012th 0247th
D Kenneth Kennholt Sweden Calgary Flames 1989 012th 0252nd
G Tommy Söderström Sweden Philadelphia Flyers 1990 011th 0214th
RW Fredrik Lindquist Sweden New Jersey Devils 1991 003rd 0055th
C Mikael Johansson Sweden Quebec Nordiques 1991 007th 0134th
D Marcus Ragnarsson Sweden San Jose Sharks 1992 005th 0099th
G Jonas Forsberg Sweden San Jose Sharks 1993 009th 0210th
RW Niklas Anger Sweden Montreal Canadiens 1995 005th 0112th
RW Per Eklund Sweden Detroit Red Wings 1995 007th 0182nd
D Fredrik Lovén Sweden Winnipeg Jets 1995 008th 0189th
RW Marcus Nilson Sweden Florida Panthers 1996 001st 0020th
D Ola Sandberg Sweden New York Rangers 1996 006th 0158th
C Michael Holmqvist Sweden Anaheim, Mighty Ducks of !Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 1997 001st 0018th
D Henrik Petré Sweden Washington Capitals 1997 006th 0143rd
RW Jimmie Ölvestad Sweden Tampa Bay Lightning 1999 003rd 0088th
D Niklas Kronwall Sweden Detroit Red Wings 2000 001st 0029th
G Mikael Tellqvist Sweden Toronto Maple Leafs[1 1] 2000 003rd 0070th
RW Kristofer Ottosson Sweden New York Islanders[1 2] 2000 005th 0148th
D Björn Nord Sweden Washington Capitals[1 3] 2000 009th 0289th
LW Andreas Salomonsson Sweden New Jersey Devils 2001 005th 0163rd
D Daniel Fernholm Sweden Pittsburgh Penguins 2002 004th 0101st
RW Nicklas Eckerblom Sweden Minnesota Wild 2002 007th 0204th
LW Johannes Salmonsson Sweden Pittsburgh Penguins 2004 002nd 0031st
G Björn Bjurling Sweden Edmonton Oilers 2004 009th 0274th
C Christofer Löfberg Sweden Detroit Red Wings 2005 003rd 0080th
G Stefan Ridderwall Sweden New York Islanders[1 4] 2006 006th 0173rh
D Alexander Deilert Sweden Calgary Flames 2008 007th 0198th
C Jacob Josefson Sweden New Jersey Devils[1 5] 2009 001st 0020th
D Alexander Urbom Sweden New Jersey Devils[1 6] 2009 003rd 0073rd
C Marcus Krüger Sweden Chicago Blackhawks 2009 005th 0149th
RW Patrick Cehlin Sweden Nashville Predators[1 7] 2010 005th 0126th
RW Daniel Brodin Sweden Toronto Maple Leafs 2010 005th 0146th
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