This article is a list of All-time General Managers of the Dallas Stars and Minnesota North Stars.

Minnesota North StarsEdit

General ManagerAppointmentDeparture
Wren Blair19671974
Jack Gordon1974February 10, 1978
Lou NanneFebruary 10, 1978January 28, 1988
Jack FerreiraJanuary 28, 1988June 8, 1990
Bobby ClarkeJune 8, 1990June 10, 1992
Bob GaineyJune 10, 19921993

Dallas StarsEdit

<tr bgcolor=#DDDDDD> <td>General Manager<td>Appointment<td>Departure

<tr bgcolor=#EEEEEE> <td>Bob Gainey<td>1993<td>January 25, 2002

<tr bgcolor=#EEEEEE> <td>Doug Armstrong<td>January 25, 2002<td>November 13, 2007

<tr bgcolor=#EEEEEE> <td>Les Jackson & Brett Hull<td>November 13, 2007<td>May 31, 2009

<tr bgcolor=#EEEEEE> <td>Joe Nieuwendyk<td>May 31, 2009<td>Present </table>

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