This is a complete list of ice hockey players who were drafted in the National Hockey League Amateur Draft by the Cleveland Barons franchise. It includes every player who the team drafted in their only draft, the 1977 NHL Amateur Draft, regardless of whether they played for the team.


      Played at least one game with the Cleveland Barons

Pos Position
RS NHL regular season games played
PO NHL post season games played
G Goaltender C Center
D Defenseman LW Left Wing
RW Right Wing F Forward

Draft picksEdit

Draft Round Pick Player Nationality Pos RS PO
1977 1 5 Crombeen, MikeMike Crombeen Flag of Canada.svg Canada F 475 27
1977 2 23 Chicoine, DanDan Chicoine Flag of Canada.svg Canada RW 31 1
1977 3 41 Kerr, RegReg Kerr Flag of Canada.svg Canada D 263 7
1977 3 42 Lash, GuyGuy Lash Flag of Canada.svg Canada RW
1977 4 59 Baby, JohnJohn Baby Flag of Canada.svg Canada D 26
1977 5 77 Lloyd, OwenOwen Lloyd Flag of Canada.svg Canada D
1977 6 95 Allan, JeffJeff Allan Flag of Canada.svg Canada D 4
1977 7 113 Mark Toffolo Flag of the United States United States D
1977 8 128 Grant Eakin Flag of Canada.svg Canada LW

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