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Laval is a city in southern Quebec, Canada. It takes up the entire Isle Jesus which is just north of Montreal.


  1. (QSPHL, 1998-2003) league renamed QSMHL
  2. (Quebec Senior Major Hockey League, 2003-2004) league renamed LNAH
  3. (LNAH, 2004-2006) become St. Jean Chiefs
  4. Laval Le Mistral (National Women's Hockey League, 1998-2001) folded
  1. (Metropolitan Montreal Junior League, 1963-1964) become Isle Jesus Saints
  2. (Metropolitan Montreal Junior League, 1965-1969) join QMJHL
  3. (QMJHL, 1969-1970) folded
  1. (Quebec City Senior League, 1914-1915)
  2. (Quebec City Senior League, 1921-1923)
  3. (Quebec City National League, 1933-1934)
  4. (Quebec City Intermediate League, 1940-1941)



  • Centre SportXpo de Laval
  • Complexe Sportif Guimond
  • Arena Dagenais
  • Arena Yvon-Chartrand
  • Colisee de Laval
  • Arena Samson
  • Arena Chomedey
  • Arena Lucerne
  • Arena Richard-Trottier
  • Arena Laval-Ouest
  • Arena Cartier
  • Arena Saint-Francois
  • Arena Samson
  • Place Bell (New arena scheduled to open in 2017)

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