Larry "King" Kwong, born Eng Kai Geong (born June 17, 1923), was the first Chinese Canadian to play in the National Hockey League.

Born to immigrant grocer parents in Vernon, British Columbia, Kwong played as a centre and was called the China Clipper Kwong Only Hockey Orientalist, China Clipper (name later used for Canadian Football League player Normie Kwong) and King Kwong. Kwong played one season with the New York Rangers in 1947–48.

Kwong only played one game on March 13, 1948 against the Montreal Canadiens. Kwong was only on the ice for a minute in the third period, and tallied no points in the short stint in the majors. Despite this, Kwong had a long amateur and minor league career in Canada and the United States with the Troy Bruins. He also spent one season with the Nottingham Panthers in Britain before retiring in 1957.


1952 ad for Larry Kwong's Canadian and Chinese reataurant and store.


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