The Lakeshore Goodyears were a Junior "B" team in Toronto, Ontario. The Goodyears played in the Metro Toronto Junior B Hockey League. They were renamed the Lakeshore Bruins after the Boston Bruins withdrew their sponsorship. Goodyear Tire Company spomsored the team; they had a plant in the Toronto neighbourhood.

The Goodyears won the league title in 1962-63.

Season-by-Season RecordsEdit

Metro Toronto Junior B Hockey LeagueEdit

Season Games Won Lost Tied Points Goals
1961-62 32 16 13 3 35 161 148 2nd
1962-63 32 21 9 2 44 205 126 2ndWon Final, Lost provincial Quarter Final
1963-64 34 20 10 4 44 148 103 3rd West

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