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Lachine Arena

Lachine was a city of about 40,000 in Quebec, Canada. It was in the southwest part of the island of Montreal.

It is now part of the city of Montreal.


  • Lachine
  1. (Montreal West End League, 1931-1932)
  2. (Mount Royal Junior League, 1938-1940, 1942-1943, 1944-1946)
  1. (Metropolitan Montreal Junior League, 1954-1966)
  2. (Quebec Junior A Hockey League, 1972-1973) folded
  3. (Provincial Junior Hockey League, 1995-1997) league renamed QJAAAHL
  4. (Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League, 1997-2014) league renamed QJHL
  5. (Quebec Junior Hockey League, 2014-present)
  1. (Provincial Senior League, 1938-1940) return with league in 1944
  2. (Provincial Senior League, 1944-1948)
  3. (Junior Amateur Hockey Association, 1946-1948) folded
  4. (Provincial Intermediate League, 1949-1951)  league elevated to Senior level
  5. (Provincial Senior League,1951-1953) withdrew December 15, 1953



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