Kupittaan jäähalli

Kupittaan jäähalli.

Kupittaan jäähalli is an arena in Turku, Finland. It is primarily used for ice hockey, and is the home arena of TuTo. It was originally opened in 1973 and held 5,500 people.


The first artificial ice field in this place was constructed in 1962. This was an outdoor field where players where at the mercy of weather. However since the field was artificially frozen, the opening season was much longer that with natural ice. The actual arena was constructed in 1973. This allowed teams to play indoors.


Ice hockey teams TPS, TuTo, and several other teams have played in this venue. In 1990 when the new Elysée Arena was constructed TPS moved there. Since then Kupittaan jäähalli has been known as the home arena for TuTo.

New arenaEdit

The last games in the old arena were played in the spring of 2005. The new arena with spectator capacity of 3,000 was inaugurated on November 2006.

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