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Kohtla-Järve Viru Sputnik
Founded  ?
Arena K-Järve Jäähall
Location Kohtla-Järve, Estonia
Team colours Blue and Yellow
League EJL
Head coach  ?
GM Sergei Konõshev

Kohtla-Järve Viru Sputnik are a professional Estonian ice hockey team. They play in the Estonian League (Eesti Jäähoki Liit).


20 Flag of Estonia Jevgeni Jakubovits 07.02.1988

? Flag of Russia Aleksandr Sudas 13.02.1989

5 Flag of Estonia Denis Golubev 01.09.1989

7 Flag of Estonia Deniss Volodin 03.04.19881

10 Flag of Russia Aleksei Petrovits 18.06.1986

12 Flag of Estonia Boleslav Kruglik 18.04.1988

16 Flag of Estonia Siim Naarits 07.06.1992

21 Flag of Estonia Ilja Ponomarjov 08.11.1991

8 Flag of Estonia Vadim Bazura 26.01.1988

? Flag of Estonia German Kurganov 03.03.1990

? Flag of Estonia Maksim Urlihh 19.01.1991

22 Flag of Russia Sergei Mihhailov 17.01.1990

? Flag of Estonia Ruslan Mamedov 19.02.1991

14 Flag of Estonia Konstantin Gristsenko 08.06.1991

24 Flag of Estonia Maksim Borovikov 13.02.1992

? Flag of Estonia Sergei Silenko 12.03.1992

? Flag of Estonia Toivo Tilku 04.04.1989

? Flag of Estonia Dmitri Soitu 28.12.1989

? Flag of Estonia Aleksandr Smetanin 25.05.1980


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