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Dom Cardillo Arena

Dom Cardillo Arena

Kitchener is a city in southern Ontario, Canada. The city changed its' name from Berlin in 1916

Hockey in KitchenerEdit


  • Kitchener
  1. (OHA Sr. 1917-1922, 1925-1926)
  2. (OHA Jr. 1919-1931)
  1. (OHA Sr. B, 1932-1933) moved to OHA Sr. A
  2. (OHA Sr. A, 1933-1934)
  3. (OHA Jr. 1932-1933) join OHA Jr. A
  1. (Canadian Professional Hockey League, team relocated to Cleveland and joins IHL, city gets new franchise
  2. (Canadian Professional Hockey League, 1929-1930
  1. (OHA Sr., 1922-1925)
  2. OHA Sr., 1926-1929) join OHA Sr. B
  3. OHA Sr. B, 1929-1930) join OHA Sr. A
  4. (OHA Sr. A, 1930-1932)
  5. Kitchener Greenshirts (OHA Sr. B, 1934-1935) moved to OHA Sr. B
  6. (OHA Sr. A, 1935-1936)
  7. (OHA Senior A, 1937-1938)
  8. (OHA Jr. A, 1934-1937) jumped to junior B level
  9. OHA Jr. A, 1951-1954) renamed Canucks
  1. (OHA Jr. A, 1963-1974) join OMJHL
  2. OMJHL, 1974-1980) league renamed OHL
  3. (OHL, 1980-Present)
  1. (OHA Sr. A, 1947-1950) join OHA Major
  2. OHA Major, 1950-1951) rejoin OHA Sr. A
  3. (OHA Sr. A, 1951-1960)
  4. (Eastern Professional Hockey League, 1960-1961)
  5. (OHA Sr. A, 1962-1963)

for earlier teams see Berlin, Ontario

College teamEdit

Conestoga Condors


  • Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Complex (Dom Cardillo, Kinsmen, & Kiwanis Arenas)
  • Sportsworld Twin Pad
  • Centreville Chicopee Community Centre Rink
  • Lions Arena
  • Breithaupt Centre Rink
  • Queensmount Arena
  • Belmont Park Rink
  • Activa Sportsplex
  • McLaren Arena
  • Prueter Public School Rink
  • Suddaby Public School Rink
  • Sheppard Public School Rink
  • Mill-Courtland Comunity Centre Rink
  • Glendale Park Rink
  • Weber Park Rink
  • George Lippert Park Rink
  • Conestoga College Recreation Centre
  • King Edward School Rink
  • Grand River Arena
  • Kiwanis Park Rink
  • Victoria Hills Community Centre Rink
  • Admiral Park Rink (Outdoors)
  • Guelph Park Rink
  • Westmount Public School Rink


Allan CupEdit

Memorial CupEdit

Players and coachesEdit

External LinksEdit

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