The Kingston Jets are an ice hockey team which play in the English National Ice Hockey League. The team was close to extinction prior to the 2005-2006 season but, thanks to Kingston Junior Ice Hockey Club (KJIHC), the team was able to enter into the league again. At this time, many of the senior players had left to play at a higher level and the team was left in a state of emergency, however KJIHC affiliated the Jets as part of their junior programme and the roster could be fulfilled. The roster was filled with players as young as 14 and the team were unable to compete with the much physically stronger opponent.

Current roster 2009/2010Edit

1 Tristan Rogers NM (ENG)
4 Ben Spergeon (ENG)
7 Andy Dunn (ENG)
9 Ben Milench (ENG)
11 Ben Lowe (ENG)
12 Tomas Sobolcik (ENG)
13 Callum Pattinson (ENG)
14 Thomas Ralph (ENG)
15 Daniel Hackford (ENG)
16 Andrew Wile (ENG)
17 Daniel Sayer (ENG)
18 James Maughan ENG)
19 Matthew Jeffcock (ENG)
20 Alex Foreman (ENG)
22 Jordan Fisher (ENG)
24 Stuart Head (ENG)
40 Kieran Beach (ENG)
71 Jamie Cobley (ENG)

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