This article is about the senior team. For the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League team of the same name, please see Kimberley Dynamiters (KIJHL).

The Kimberley Dynamiters were a senior team.

They were one of the longest running senior teams in Canadian history. Save for three seasons during World War II, the Dynamiters played from 1930 through 1981.

They won the British Columbia Senior Championship (Savage Cup) 10 times: 1943,1935,1936,1939,1942.1964,1966,and 1978.

They won the Allan Cup twice: 1936 and 1978.

They won the World Championship once: 1937.

They also went on a European tour in 1937.

The Dynamiters played in the West Kootenay League from 1931-32 through 1940-41 and in 1945-46. They played in the Western International Hockey League from 1946-47 through 1980-81.

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