Klub Hokeja na Ledu Medveščak
City: Zagreb, Croatia
League: Kontinental Hockey League
Conference: West
Division: Bobrov
Founded: 1961
Home Arena: Dom Sportova (cap: 6,000)
General Manager: Flag of Croatia Damir Gojanović
Head Coach: Flag of Canada Mark French
Captain: Flag of Canada Alan Letang
Affiliates: KHL Medveščak II
Playoff Championships: YHL: 1989, 1990, 1991
CHL: 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010

KHL Medveščak Zagreb is a Croatian ice hockey team. It is the most successful ice hockey team in Croatia. Its biggest international success was reaching second group round in the IIHF European Cup 1991. Currently the team plays in the Kontinental Hockey League, and is the only Croatian team in the league.


  • Yugoslav Ice Hockey Cup: 4
    • 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991

10-11 EBEL RosterEdit

KHL Medveščak 06122009

The team in Dom Sportova 2009

KHL Medvescak - KAC 15-01-2010

Dom Sportova, KHL Medveščak Zagreb - KAC Klagenfurt, January 15, 2010

# Player Position Shoots Date of birth Place of birth
8 Flag of Canada John Hecimovic RW R Mar 31, 1984 Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
9 Flag of Croatia Marko Lovrenčić C R Nov 22, 1982 Zagreb, Croatia
10 Flag of the United States T.J. Guidarelli C R Jan 27, 1977 Lakeville, Minnesota, USA
11 Flag of Canada Brad Smyth RW R Mar 13, 1973 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
16 Flag of Canada Jeff Heerema RW R Jan 17, 1980 Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
19 Flag of Canada Mike Prpich F L Mar 27, 1982 Kenaston, Saskatchewan, Canada
22 Flag of Slovenia Sašo Rajsar C L Aug 18, 1988 Jesenice, Slovenia
23 Flag of Croatia Mislav Blagus RW L Jun 10, 1991 Zagreb, Croatia
27 Flag of Croatia Dominik Kanaet F L May 6, 1991 Zagreb, Croatia
29 Flag of Canada Joel Prpic C L Sep 25, 1974 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
38 Flag of Canada Frank Banham RW R Apr 14, 1975 Calahoo, Alberta, Canada
76 Flag of the United States Aaron Fox C R May 19, 1973 Hastings, Minnesota, USA
77 Flag of Croatia Igor Lazić F R Feb 14, 1992 Zagreb, Croatia
87 Flag of Slovenia Rok Jakopič F L Jul 11, 1987 Jesenice, Slovenia
# Player Position Shoots Date of birth Place of birth
2 Flag of Canada Richard Seeley D L Apr 30, 1979 Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
4 Flag of CroatiaFlag of Slovakia Miroslav Brumerčik D R Sep 10, 1976 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
6 Flag of Canada Robby Sandrock D R Mar. 10, 1978 Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada
15 Flag of the United States Andy Sertich D L May 3, 1983 Coleraine, Minnesota, USA
28 Flag of Canada Alan Letang D L Sep. 4, 1975 Renfrew, Ontario, Canada
42 Flag of Canada Conrad Martin D R Okt 25, 1982 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
48 Flag of Canada Kenny MacAulay D L Apr 29, 1984 Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada
55 Flag of the United States Christopher Powers D L Aug 27, 1985 Lynnfield, Massachusetts, USA
67 Flag of Croatia Nikša Trstenjak D R Nov 12, 1990 Zagreb, Croatia
# Player Position Catches Date of birth Place of birth
31 Flag of Croatia Vanja Belić G L Jun 29, 1983 Zagreb, Croatia
32 Flag of Slovenia Gašper Krošelj G L Feb 9, 1987 Ljubljana, Slovenia
33 Flag of Slovenia Robert Kristan G L Apr 4, 1983 Jesenice, Slovenia

Famous playersEdit

KHL Medveščak 06122009

The 2009 edition of KHL Medveščak

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