KHL Karlovac
Full name Klub Hokeja na Ledu Karlovac
Founded 1930
Based In Karlovac, Croatia
League Sportno Drustvo Mariborska Hokej Liga
Team Colors     

KHL Karlovac is a Croatian ice hockey team that is located in Karlovac.

It was formed in 1930, being one of the oldest hockey clubs in Croatia. The strongest the club got was while it played in the Yugoslavian Hockey League. However, it remained in the top division for only a few seasons. The club since then has had difficulties as teams in Zagreb and Belgrade took their best players. Combined with this and a lack of funding, the club is currently in a development phase, playing in a Slovenian minor league since 2008.

Records in Yugoslav leagueEdit

  • 1947/48 Yugoslav 1st league - HK Udarnik Karlovac - 6th place out of 6
  • 1948/49 Yugoslav 1st league - HK Korana Karlovac - 9th place out of 9

After 1949 HK Partizan obtained the best players of the club and it fell down to the weaker 2nd league.

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