Juno CUP of 2009
Date 27 March 2009
City Vancouver [1], British Columbia
Venue UBC Thunderbird Arena[2] [3]
Winning Team The Rockers [4] [5]

The 6th Annual Juno Cup game took place at the UBC Thunderbird Arena on Friday March 27, 2009. This year NHL Greats such as Russ Courtnall, Brad Dalgarno, Mark Napier, Mike Pelyk, Bob Probert and Vancouver Canuck Cliff Ronning laced up against the Rockers. The Rockers gathered an enormous roster with artists such as Barenaked Ladies, Blue Rodeo, Great Big Sea, Kathleen Edwards and Sarah McLachlan.




  • Aaron Pritchett
  • Alan Doyle (Great Big Sea)
  • Barney Bentall
  • Brad Keller (Creaking Tree String Quartet)
  • Brian Kobayakawa (Creaking Tree String Quartet)
  • Cameron Melnyk (State of Shock)
  • Captain Scotty (Jeff O'Neil show on 99.3 The Fox)
  • Craig Northey (Odds)
  • Dustin Bentall
  • George Canyon
  • Jay Bodner (Eagle & Hawk)
  • Jesse Wainwright (State of Shock)
  • John Berry
  • Jim Cuddy(Blue Rodeo)
  • John Dinsmore (NQ Arbuckle & Kathleen Edwards)
  • Kathleen Edwards *
  • Kevin Parent
  • Luke Doucet
  • Mark Sasso (Elliott Brood)
  • Matthew Barber
  • Matt Johnson (54-40)
  • Michael Hollett
  • Paul Hawley (Hot Hot Heat)
  • Peter Kesper (NQ Arbuckle)
  • Rob Higgins (Dearly Beloved)
  • Sarah McLachlan (2009 Allan Waters Humanitarian Award)
  • Sean McCann (Great Big Sea)
  • Steve Dawson
  • Tyler Stewart (Barenaked Ladies)
  • Tyson Yerex (Acres of Lions)
  • Vince Fontaine (Eagle & Hawk)


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