The Juno Cup is a yearly hockey game held in conjunction with the Juno Awards, first conducted at the 2004 Juno Awards. The games match National Hockey League alumni with artists and entertainers as a charitable benefit for MusiCounts, a music education charity operated by the CARAS. The Juno Cup has helped raise more than $700,000 for MusiCounts (formerly known as the CARAS Music Education Program) which in turn supported music programs across Canada.

Each game features a team of current or former NHL players (NHL Greats) who competes against a team composed of musicians (The Rockers). The NHL Greats have won each Juno Cup except in 2009

Dates and locationsEdit

Juno Cup Dates and Locations
Year Date City Venue Winning Team Score Host
2004 2 April Edmonton, Alberta[1] AgriCom Arena NHL Greats 12-8[2]
2005 1 April Selkirk, Manitoba Selkirk Rec Complex NHL Greats 6-5[2]
2006 31 March Halifax, Nova Scotia Halifax Forum NHL Greats 12-11[3]
2007 30 March Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Art Hauser Centre[4] NHL Greats 11-9[5]
2008 4 April Calgary, Alberta[6] Stampede Corral NHL Greats 16-5[7]
2009 27 March Vancouver, British Columbia[8][9] UBC Thunderbird Arena The Rockers 12-11 (SO)[8] Michael Landsberg
2010 16 April Torbay, Newfoundland and Labrador[10] Jack Byrne Arena NHL Greats 9-8 Michael Landsberg

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