Junior "A" is the second highest tier of Junior hockey in Canada. The governing body of this level of (sanctioned) hockey in Canada is the Canadian Junior Hockey League. There is one unsanctioned Junior "A" league in Canada. There are also two leagues in the United States.



What is now called Junior A was founded in 1970 as Tier II Junior A to differentiate itself from Major Junior A. Major Junior broke off from mainstream amateur hockey in 1980 and dropped the "A" from its name. It also soon lost its amateur status. Tier II then filled the top tier void be become "Junior A". Since 1993, Junior A hockey has been embodied by the Canadian Junior Hockey League. The Canadian championship of the CJHL is the Royal Bank Cup.

United States

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Sanctioned Canadian LeaguesEdit

Unsanctioned Canadian LeaguesEdit


American LeaguesEdit

Defunct Canadian LeaguesEdit

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