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The Jean Ferrand Trophy is awarded to the best goaltender in the Ligue Magnus.


Saison Joueur Club
2009-10 Ramón Sopko Briançon
2008-09 Tommi Satosaari Briançon
2007-08 Eddy Ferhi Grenoble
2006-07 Eddy Ferhi Grenoble
2005-06 Ramón Sopko Rouen
2004-05 Fabrice Lhenry Mulhouse
2003-04 Fabrice Lhenry Mulhouse
2002-03 Fabrice Lhenry Mulhouse
2001-02 Fabrice Lhenry Mulhouse
2000-01 Phil Groeneveld Rouen
1999-00 Mika Pietilä Reims
1998-99 Mika Pietilä Reims
1997-98 Cristobal Huet Grenoble
1996-97 Cristobal Huet Grenoble
1995-96 Fabrice Lhenry Mulhouse
1994-95 Antoine Mindjimba Amiens
1993-94 Petri Ylönen Rouen
1992-93 Petri Ylönen Rouen
1991-92 Petri Ylönen Rouen
1990-91 Corrado Micalef Briançon
1989-90 Jean-Marc Djian Grenoble
1988-89 Petri Ylönen Rouen
1987-88 Petri Ylönen Briançon
1986-87 Patrick Foliot Mont-Blanc
1985-86 Frédéric Malletroit Amiens
1984-85 Frédéric Malletroit Amiens
1983-84 Patrick Foliot Megève
1982-83 Charles Thillien Tours
1981-82 Daniel Maric Grenoble
1980-81 Bernard Deschamps Chamonix
1979-80 Bernard Deschamps Chamonix
1978-79 Bernard Deschamps Chamonix
1977-78 Bernard Cal Gap

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