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Shimko playing in 2013.

Jp Shimko (Born 1997) is the current defensemen and captain of the Joel Barlow High School Hockey team. He is viewed as one of the best NHL prospects at the moment.

Personal LifeEdit

Shimko, or "the shark", currently resides in Easton, CT. He is also an avid lacrosse player.

High School CareerEdit

Shimko did not play for the Falcons his freashman year because he was just to good for the team. In his sophmore season he started every game and led the team to a 4-16 record.He had 36 goals, 18, assists, for a total of 54 points. After the season he was voted captain for the next season.


After he is done at Barlow, he will go to Wisconsin and play Division I hockey. He will then get drafted first overall in the NHL draft by the New York Rangers, where he will be awarded captainship immeadiatly and will be a regular starter.

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