The Lion's Jersey

The map/flag to be featured on their jersey

The Iranian National Ice Hockey Team (Nicknamed The Lions) is a national ice hockey team in the IIHF Challenge Cup Of Asia, it has a complete roster, along with the coaches.
Roster for 2011
IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia
Mehriandad Mehran-General Manager
Kassinoh Mahshod G
Ryan Mior G
Mika Zibanejad F
Daniel Rahimi F
Mark Ardelan F
Rhett Rakhshani F
Monir Kalgoum F
Kahk Shol (Iranian Israeli) D
Sahkdadi Mizram D
Mehran Kalikov (Russian Iranian) D


After being a no show at the Ardabil playoffs, the Fars News Agency confirmed a few hours later that assistance couch Kalimbaba passed away after an "incident" with a fan. Couch Kiarash Amamre Rouch, later at a home game invited fans to scratch, "Kalimbaba" on the ice. Since 2015, the team has played with Kayvon Mehsram as the only assistant couch.

Kiarash Nikpour, Head Coach

Kayvon Mehsram, Assistant Coach

Duotimes Kalimbaba, Assistant Coach (deceased)

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