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International Junior Hockey League
International Junior Hockey League Logo
International Junior Hockey League
Sport Ice hockey
Commissioner Charlie Nielsen
No. of teams 30 in 3 leagues
Country(ies) Flag of Canada.svg Canada
Flag of the United States United States
Official website IJHL.US

International Junior Hockey League was an independent Tier III Junior A ice hockey league. The League had teams in the northeastern region of the United States and in Quebec, Canada.

League HistoryEdit

The league formed in 2005 with teams based in the Northeastern United States. The league expanded over the next few seasons adding additional teams and also a number of associate teams, 10 prep schools in Quebec that field Jr. hockey teams. Charlie Nielsen was the commissioner of the league.[1] The Super Elite division folded shortly after the end of the 2011-12 season and many of its' members formed the Northern States Junior Hockey League. The league ceased operations in September 2012.

2011 IJHL All Star Logo

2011 IJHL All Star Game Logo


As of March, 2010 the IJHL lists following members in three divisions.[2]

Super Elite LeagueEdit

  • Boston Junior Blackhawks
  • Cape Cod Cubs
  • Hackettstown Harleys
  • Maine Moose
  • Mass Junior Mariners
  • New England Stars
  • New Jersey Kings
  • Berlin Junior Maroons (2010-11 Season)
  • Philly Thunder (2010-11 Season)
  • Eastern Kodiaks (2010-11 Season)
  • South Jersey Raptors (2010-11 Season)
  • New York Junior Aviators (2010-11 Season)
  • Trenton Habs (2010-11 Season)
  • Long Island Jr. Predators (2010-11 Season)

Elite LeagueEdit

  • Boston Junior Blackhawks
  • Cape Cod Cubs
  • Mass Junior Mariners
  • New England Stars
  • North Shore Raiders
  • Walpole Express
  • Worcester Junior Wildcats

Selects LeagueEdit

  • Boston Junior Blackhawks
  • Mass Junior Mariners
  • New England Stars
  • Worcester Junior Wildcats
  • New England Predators (2010-11 Season)
  • North Shore Raiders
  • PHD Red

Associate MembersEdit

There are 12 associate league members, that compete in the above leagues.

  • PHD Gold (SE)
  • Team Florida (SE)
  • Team South (SE)

SU = Super Elite; EL = Elite; SE = Selects

League Playoff ChampionsEdit


  • 2006 Mass Mariners
  • 2007 New England Stars
  • 2008 New England Stars
  • 2009 Mass Mariners
  • 2010 Walpole Express


  • 2006 Worcester Wildcats
  • 2007 Springfield Jr. Pics
  • 2008 New England Stars
  • 2009 Springfield Pics
  • 2010 Maine Moose
  • 2011 New Jersey Raiders

Super EliteEdit

  • 2006 Springfield Jr. Pics
  • 2007 Springfield Jr. Pics
  • 2008 New England Stars
  • 2009 New England Stars
  • 2010 Cape Cod Cubs
  • 2011 Cape Cod Cubs

National ChampionsEdit

  • 2007 Elite     Springfield Junior Pics
  • 2007 Super   New England Stars
  • 2008 Selects Boston Junior Blackhawks
  • 2008 Elite     New Jersey Kings
  • 2008 Super   C/Gep St Foye Quebec
  • 2009 Selects Boston Junior Blackhawks
  • 2009 Elite     Boston Junior Blackhawks
  • 2009 Super   C/Gep St Foye Quebec
  • 2010 Selects   Mass Mariners
  • 2010 Elite       New England Stars
  • 2010 Super     Trenton Habs
  • 2011 Elite       New York Aviators
  • 2011 Super    Bridgton Academy

External links and ReferencesEdit

  2. League Members,

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