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The International Intercollegiate League was a league made up of probably the best university teams of the day. It existed from 1936 to 1940.

Four Canadian universities (McGill University, University of Toronto, Queens University, and University of Montreal) combined with four American Ivy League universities (Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, and Dartmouth University).


The early 1930's were rough times for intercollegiate hockey in Ontario and Quebec. Lack of money and long travel distances often reduced the number of teams in the intercollegiate league to two.

The leading universities in the area (Toronto, Queens, McGill, and Montreal) did enter teams in provincial senior and intermediate leagues with varying degrees of success. Yet there was a desire to restart a university-only league.

By 1936 there was an agreement between the four Canadian teams and the four teams of the American Ivy League (Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, and Princeton) to form up a new international league. Each team would play home-and-home games against teams from their own country. These would count for a separate championship. They would also play one game against each of the international opponents, alternating home-and-home each season, All the games would count for the international championship.

The league proved to be of mixed success. The Canadian teams dominated their American counterparts on the ice. But attendance was a problem in Canada as the American teams only drew small crowds. The Canadian teams made money on their trips to the USA but could not draw enough to pay for the American teams' trips to Canada.

The league disbanded after the 1939-40 season, mostly because of World War II. The University of Montreal withdrew after the 1938-39 season because of its dismal record.

The league was not resurrected after the war. However in 1949 there was a one game playoff between Montreal and Dartmouth as winners of their respective leagues.

List of ChampionsEdit

  • 1936-37: McGill University
  • 1937-38: McGill University
  • 1938-39: McGill University
  • 1939-40: University of Toronto
  • 1949: Montreal defeated Dartmouth 4-3 in a one game playoff

The Thompson Trophy, awarded to the league champion.

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