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List of Winter Universiade Hockey TournamentsEdit


Medal WinnersEdit


Note: Links on this table are to Wikipedia.

Games Gold Silver Bronze
1962 Czechoslovakia Soviet Union Sweden
1966 Soviet Union Romania Czechoslovakia
1968 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Canada
1970 Czechoslovakia Soviet Union Finland
1972 Soviet Union Canada United States
1981 Canada Finland Japan
1983 Czechoslovakia Soviet Union Romania
1985 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Finland
1987 Czechoslovakia Soviet Union Canada
1989 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Finland
1991 Canada Soviet Union Finland
1993 Russia Kazakhstan Slovakia
1995 Kazakhstan Czech Republic Russia
1997 Czech Republic Finland Canada
1999 Ukraine Slovakia Canada
2001 Slovakia Canada Ukraine
2003 Russia Slovakia Canada
2005 Russia Czech Republic Finland
2007 Canada Russia Kazakhstan
2009 Russia Canada Slovakia
2011 Russia Belarus Canada
2013 Canada Kazakhstan Russia
2015 Russia Kazakhstan Canada
2017 Russia Kazakhstan Canada


Note: Links on this table are to Wikipedia.

Games Gold Silver Bronze
2009 Canada China Finland
2011 Canada Finland Slovakia
2013 Canada Russia United States
2015 Russia Canada Japan
2017 Russia Canada United States

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