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The top four teams from the International Ice Hockey Federation world rankings following the 2004 Women's World Ice Hockey Championships qualified automatically. These teams were Canada, the United States, Finland and Sweden. Italy also gained a place as it was the host nation. Russia, Germany, and Switzerland qualified for the last three places through qualification tournaments.

Qualification tournamentsEdit

Group A - Podolsk, Russia (11–14 November 2004)

  1. Flag of Russia Russia-x (2–0)
  2. Flag of Japan Japan (1–1)
  3. Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic (0–2)

Group B - Bad Tölz, Germany (11–14 November 2004)

  1. Flag of Germany Germany-x (3–0)
  2. Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan (2–1)
  3. Flag of Latvia Latvia (1–2)
  4. Flag of Slovenia Slovenia (0–3)

Group C - Beijing, People's Republic of China (11–14 November 2004)

  1. Flag of Switzerland Switzerland-x (3–0)
  2. Flag of China China (2–1)
  3. Flag of France France (1–2)
  4. Flag of Norway Norway (0–3)

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