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At the 1960 Olympics' held in Squaw Valley, California, United States, one ice hockey event was held: men's Ice Hockey. This tournament was also counted as IIHF World Championship and IIHF European Championship. Games were held at Blyth Arena.

Medalists Edit

Gold: Silver: Bronze:
Flag of the United States United States
Jack McCartan
John Mayasich
John Kirrane
Paul Johnson
Weldon Olson
Eugene Grazia
Richard Rodenheiser
Edwyn Owen
Rodney Paavola
Richard Meredith
Bill Christian
Tommy Williams
Roger Christian
Robert McVey
Lawrence Palmer
Bill Cleary
Bob Cleary
Flag of Canada Canada
Harold Hurley
Harry Sinden
Jack Douglas
Robert Attersley
Fred Etcher
George Samolenko
Donald Charles Head
Darryl Sly
Ken Laufman
Floyd Martin
James Connelly
Robert Forhan
Donald Rope
Maurice Benoit
Bobby Rousseau
Cliff Pennington
Robert McKnight
Soviet Union
Yury Tsitsinov
Vladimir Grebennikov
Mikhail Bychkov
Viktor Pryazhnikov
Nikolay Karpov
Nikolai Puchkov
Yevgeny Groshev
Victor Yakushev
Stanislav Petukhov
Yevgeny Yorkin
Nikolai Sologubov
Yuri Baulin
Aleksandr Almetov
Konstantin Loktev
Veniamin Alexandrov
Genrikh Sidorenkov
Alfred Kuchevsky

Preliminary round Edit

Top two teams (shaded ones) from each group advanced to the final round and played for 1st-6th places, other teams played in the consolation round.

Group A Edit

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
1 Canada 22002434
2 Sweden 21102152
3 Japan 20201380

February 19

  • Canada 5-2 Sweden

February 20

  • Canada 19-1 Japan

February 21

  • Sweden 19-0 Japan

Group B Edit

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
1 Soviet Union 22001644
2 Germany 2110492
3 Finland 20205120

February 19

  • USSR 8-0 Germany (UTG)

February 20

  • USSR 8-4 Finland

February 21

  • Germany (UTG) 4-1 Finland

Group C Edit

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
1 United States 22001964
2 Czechoslovakia 21102382
3 Australia 20202300

February 19

  • USA 7-5 Czechoslovakia

February 20

  • Czechoslovakia 18-1 Australia

February 21

  • USA 12-1 Australia

Consolation round Edit

Teams, which didn't qualify for the final round, played here.

Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
Flag of Finland Finland 430150117
Flag of Japan Japan 421132225
Flag of Australia Australia 40408570

February 22

  • Finland 14-1 Australia

February 23

  • Finland 6-6 Japan

February 24

  • Japan 13-2 Australia

February 25

  • Finland 19-2 Australia

February 26

  • Finland 11-2 Japan

February 27

  • Japan 11-3 Australia

Final round Edit

First place team wins gold, second silver and third bronze.

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
1 Flag of the United States United States 5500291110
2 Flag of Canada.svg Canada 541031128
3 Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union 522124195
4 Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 523021234
5 Flag of Sweden Sweden 513119193
6 Flag of Germany Germany 50505450

February 22

  • USSR 8-5 Czechoslovakia
  • USA 6-3 Sweden
  • Canada 12-0 Germany (UTG)

February 24

  • USA 9-1 Germany (UTG)
  • USSR 2-2 Sweden
  • Canada 4-0 Czechoslovakia

February 25

  • USSR 7-1 Germany (UTG)
  • USA 2-1 Canada
  • Czechoslovakia 3-1 Sweden

February 27

  • Czechoslovakia 9-1 Germany (UTG)
  • USA 3-2 USSR
  • Canada 6-5 Sweden

February 28

  • USA 9-4 Czechoslovakia
  • Sweden 8-2 Germany (UTG)
  • Canada 8-5 USSR

Leading PlayersEdit

Leading scorersEdit

Rk Team GP G A Pts
1 Flag of Canada Fred Etcher 791221
2 Flag of Canada Robert Attersley 761218
3 Flag of the United States Bill Cleary 77714
4 Flag of the United States Bill Christian 721113
5 Flag of Canada George Samolenko 78412
5 Flag of Sweden Lars-Eric Lundvall 78412
7 Flag of Czechoslovakia Vaclav Panucek 77512
7 Flag of the United States John Mayasich 77512
7 Flag of Sweden Nisse Nilsson 77512
7 Flag of the Soviet Union Veniamin Alexandrov 77512
11 Flag of Canada Floyd Martin 76612
12 Flag of Sweden Ronald Petersson 74812

Final ranking Edit

  1. Flag of the United States United States
  2. Flag of Canada Canada
  3. Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union
  4. Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
  5. Flag of Sweden Sweden
  6. Flag of Germany Germany
  7. Flag of Finland Finland
  8. Flag of Japan Japan
  9. Flag of Australia Australia

Team PhotosEdit

Game AdsEdit

Team PhotosEdit


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