The 1912 Ice Hockey European Championships were held from February 2-4 in Prague, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary. The tournament was however annullled because Austria-Hungary was not a member of the IIHF at the time.

2. February 1912 Prague Bohemia Austria-Hungary 5:0 (2:0,3:0)
3. February 1912 Prague Germany Austria-Hungary 4:1 (2:0,2:1)
4. February 1912 Prague Bohemia Germany 2:2 (1:1,1:1)

Final Table Edit

RF Team Gp W T L GF Diff Pts
1 Bohemia 21107:2 +53
2 Germany 21106:3 +33
3 Austria-Hungary 20021:9 -80

European Champion 1912

Flag of Bohemia Bohemia (Annulled)

Team PhotosEdit

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