Association name Ice Hockey Association of India

IHF membership

April 27, 1989
President K. L. Kumar
IIHF men's ranking N/A
IIHF women's ranking

The Ice Hockey Association of India (IHAI) is the governing body of ice hockey in India. It became a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) on April 27, 1989. However, as of June, 2009, no teams from India participate in IIHF world championships. The current President of the Association is K. L. Kumar.[1]

The IHAI works to increase opportunities for participation in the sport across India. They have been aided by coaches and expatriates of Indian origin living in the United States and Canada, who have provided training and material assistance.[2] However, they still lack basic facilities and equipment for the development of the sport. In the 2008 Challenge Cup of Asia competition, the Indian team borrowed their equipment from the more established United Arab Emirates team.[3] In addition, despite the fact that the sport has been played outdoors in India since at least 1985, there are no artificial hockey rinks in the country. Most Indian hockey players and members of the IHAI participate in the sport in portions of northern India where the climate is cold enough in winter to allow for the use of outdoor rinks.[4]

In addition to working with other sport organizations in India such as the Indian Olympic Association and the Sports Authority of India to develop hockery infrastructure and construct rinks, the IHAI is seeking corporate sponsors.[2] Many of the members of the Indian national team, coordinated by the IHAI, are recruited from clubs associated with military units and regiments.[5] The IHAI has however created programs to introduce the sport to a wider audience, for example through the Learn to Play programs that have been implemented in Ladakh and Kargil and soon will be in Delhi and Mumbai. As an alternative for players interested in the sport but who due to climate do not have access to outdoor ice rinks, the association will begin holding programs in in-line hockey as well. This will build on existing in-line hockey being played informally in Gujarat and Mumbai.

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