The IIHF European U18 Championships were held from 1977-2000. They were preceded by the IIHF European U19 Championships, which ran from 1967-1976. The U18 championship was discontinued in 2000, just after the first IIHF World U18 Championship, which was held in 1999.


Year Gold Silver Bronze Host
1977 Sweden Czechoslovakia Soviet Union West Germany
1978 Finland Soviet Union Sweden Finland
1979 Czechoslovakia Finland Soviet Union Poland
1980 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Sweden Czechoslovakia
1981 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Sweden Soviet Union
1982 Sweden Czechoslovakia Soviet Union Sweden
1983 Soviet Union Finland Czechoslovakia Norway
1984 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Sweden West Germany
1985 Sweden Soviet Union Czechoslovakia France
1986 Finland Sweden Czechoslovakia West Germany
1987 Sweden Czechoslovakia Soviet Union Finland
1988 Czechoslovakia Finland Soviet Union Czechoslovakia
1989 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Finland Soviet Union
1990 Sweden Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Sweden
1991 Czechoslovakia Soviet Union Finland Czechoslovakia
1992 Czechoslovakia Sweden Russia Norway
1993 Sweden Russia Czechoslovakia Poland
1994 Sweden Russia Czech Republic Finland
1995 Finland Germany Sweden Germany
1996 Russia Finland Sweden Russia
1997 Finland Sweden Switzerland Czech Republic
1998 Sweden Finland Russia Sweden
1999 Latvia Slovenia Lithuania Romania
2000 Kazakhstan Estonia Slovenia Latvia

Note:Most of the top teams dropped out of the 1999 and 2000 tournaments, to play in the newly formed IIHF World U18 Championships.

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