Howie Draper is the head coach of the Alberta Pandas women’s ice hockey program. He was named as the inaugural coach of the Pandas on September 1, 1997.[1]

Playing careerEdit

In 1984-85, Draper competed for the Sherwood Park Crusaders of the Alberta Junior League. At season’s end, he was recognized as the Crusaders Best Defenceman and Rookie of the Year. From 1985 to 1990, Draper was a member of the Alberta Golden Bears men’s team. In his first season, he was part of the 1985-86 CIS National Championship team. Draper was the Golden Bears team captain in his fifth and final season (1989-90). He was the 1990 nominee for the Wilson Trophy and the Presidents Trophy Winner. After his university career, Draper played in the New South Wales Super League in Australia.

Coaching careerEdit

Draper’s first experience as head coach came in 1991-92 as the head coach for the MacQuarie Bears in New South Wales, Austrailia. As head coach of the Alberta Pandas women’s team, he was a six-time CIS National Champion: 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007).

Coaching recordEdit

CIS Tournament champions Conference Champions Second place finish
Season Coach Conf. Record Overall Standings Postseason
1997-98Howie Draper None 3-1-0 Does not apply Fifth, CIS tournament
1998-99Howie Draper 4-1-1 20-8-3 First Second, CIS tournament
1999-00Howie Draper 15-1-1 26-3-1 First CIS tournament champions
2000-01Howie Draper 13-1-2 20-6-2 Second Did not qualify
2001-02Howie Draper 16-0-033-1-0 First CIS tournament champions
2002-03Howie Draper 19-0-134-0-1 First CIS tournament champions
2003-04Howie Draper 20-0-035-0-0 First CIS tournament champions
2004-05Howie Draper 20-0-028-1-0 First Second, CIS tournament
2005-06Howie Draper 16-1-327-3-3 First CIS tournament champions
2006-07Howie Draper 21-3-033-4-1 First CIS tournament champions
2007-08Howie Draper 21-2-129-5-1 FirstFourth, CIS tournament
2008-09Howie Draper 22-2-0 26-5-0 Second Did not qualify
2009-10Howie Draper 23-1-033-1-0 First CIS tournament champions

Awards and honorsEdit

  • 1988-89 CIS Tournament All-Star Team
  • 1992 League MVP; New South Wales Super League, Australia
  • Two-time CIS Coach of the Year: 2002, 2004
  • Four-time Canada West Coach of the Year: 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004


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