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The following players have been named Hockey East Player of the Year

Men's Player of the YearEdit

Season     Player                 School

1984-85   Chris Terreri         Providence College

1985-86   Scott Harlow         Boston College

1986-87   Brian Leetch        Boston College

1987-88   Mike McHugh       Maine

1988-89   Greg Brown         Boston College

1989-90   Greg Brown         Boston College

1990-91   David Emma        Boston College

1991-92   Scott Pellerin       Maine

1992-93   Paul Kariya          Maine

1993-94   Dwayne Roloson  UMass-Lowell

1994-95   Chris Imes            Maine

1995-96   Jay Pandolfo        Boston University

1996-97   Chris Drury          Boston University

1997-98   Chris Drury          Boston University

1998-99   Jason Krog          New Hampshire

1999-00   Ty Conklin           New Hamshire 

&    Mike Mottau         Boston College

2000-01   Brian Gionta        Boston College

2001-02   Darren Haydar    New Hampshire

2002-03   Mike Ayers          New Hampshire

Ben Eaves           Boston College

2003-04   Steve Saviano    New Hampshire

2004-05   Patrick Eaves      Boston College

2005-06   Chris Collins        Boston College

2006-07   John Curry           Boston College

2007-08   Kevin Regan        New Hampshire

2008-09   Brad Thiessen     Northeastern

2009-10   Bobby Butler        New Hampshire

2010-11  Paul Thompson    New Hampshire

2011-12  Spencer Abbott     Maine

2012-13  Johnny Gaudreau Boston College

2013-14 Johnny Gaudreau  Boston College

Women's Player of the YearEdit

2002-03 Jen Huggon                New Hampshire

2003-04 Carolyn Gordon,         New Hampshire 

Chanda Gunn            Northeastern

2004-05 Stephanie Jones,      New Hampshire

& Karen Thatcher,         Providence

2005-06 Sadie Wright-Ward    New Hampshire

2006-07 Kelli Stack                    Boston College

2007-08 Dominique Thibault, Connecticut

2008-09 Kelli Stack                    Boston College

2009-10 Kelly Paton                   New Hampshire

& Florence Schelling     Northeastern

2010-11 Kelli Stack                     Boston College

2011-12 Florence Schelling      Northeastern

2012-13 Alex Carpenter             Boston College

2013-14 Sarah Lefort                  Boston University

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