Henri-Andre Laperriere

Olympic medal record
Men's ice hockey
Competitor for Canadian Red Ensign 1921 Canada
Gold 1948 St. Moritz Ice hockey

Henri-André Laperriere (born June 12, 1925 in Montreal, Quebec) was a Canadian defenceman who played for the RCAF Flyers who won the gold medal at the 1948 Olympics.

He played junior hockey for the Verdun Terriers in 1944-45. He then moved to the University of Montreal until 1950.

In 1947-48 he was reccomended by Frank J. Selke, then General manager of the Montreal Canadiens, for the Flyers team. Laperriere was accepted and immediately instated as a private in the RCAF.

He scored one goal in the Olympics in the 15-0 shutout victory over Poland.

After the Olympics Laperriere returned to the University of Montreal, having turned down an offer from the New York Rangers, He retired in 1950.

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