Hasle Loren IL
League 1. Division
Founded 1911
History Hasle-Løren Idrettslag
1911 - present
Arena Lørenhallen
City Oslo, Norway
Team Colors red, white, blue, gold
Head Coach
Team Captain

Hasle-Løren Idrettslag is a Norwegian sports club from the neighborhoods Hasle and Løren in Oslo. It was founded in 1911. Sports played are association football, ice hockey, skiing and cycling.

Ice hockeyEdit

Some of its greatest success was achieved by the ice hockey team. The team plays its home games in Lørenhallen, which holds 1,000 spectators. As of 2007, it is in the 1. divisjon - the second highest Norwegian ice hockey competition.

The club has a rich history in Norwegian Ice Hockey. It was the Norway champion in 1972, 1974, 1976. It won the 1. divisjon league in the 1971/72, 1972/73 and 1974/75 seasons.

The 1. divisjon (1st division) league won by Hasle/Løren was the highest league in Norway at the time. It was reorganized and named Eliteserien (The Elite League) in 1990. That name was held until 2004 when cable TV company UPC became main sponsor. UPC Norway changed its name to GET in 2006 and hence the name of the league was also altered to GET-ligaen.

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