Hartland de Montarville Molson, (May 29, 1907 – September 28, 2002) was an Canadian statesman, Canadian Senator and a member of the prominent Molson family of brewers.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to a wealthy brewing family, Hartland Molson attended the Royal Military College at Kingston, Ontario where he played ice hockey for the Kingston Giants team that made it to the 1926 Memorial Cup Final. .


In 1957, in partnership with his brother Tom Molson, he purchased the Montreal Canadiens. As a member of the Board of Governors of the National Hockey League, Molson was instrumental in raising the profile of both the league and his brewing company through sponsorship of the Hockey Night in Canada television broadcasts. As head of the Montreal Canadiens team, he helped develop the personnel to end the Detroit Red Wings dominance, building one of the greatest dynasties in all of sport. After winning the 1968 Stanley Cup Hartland retired, and David, Peter, William Molson took over control of the Canadiens. The team was sold in 1972 to Edward and Peter Bronfman. Senator Hartland Molson's name was engraved on the Stanley Cup 6 times 1958-59-60-65-66-68. In 1973, he was inducted into the builders category of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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