HK Ryazan
HC Ryazan
City: Ryazan, Russia
League: Vysshaya Liga
Founded: 1955
Home Arena: Sports Palace Olimpiyskiy
Colors: Navy blue and white
Franchise history
1955 - 1958: Komanda Ryazani
1958 - 1959: Trud Ryazan
1959 - 1962: Krasnoye Znamya Ryazan
1962 - 1963: Ryazselmash Ryazan
1963 - 1965: Khimik Ryazan
1965 - 1966: Spartak Ryazan
1966 - 1990: Stankostroytel Ryazan
1990 - 2000: Vyatich Ryazan
2000 - present: HK Ryazan

HK Ryazan is a professional team that plays in the Vysshaya Liga. The team is based in Ryazan, Ryazan Oblast, Russia and was founded in 1955.



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