HC Torino
City: Turin, Italy
Division: Serie C
Founded: 1949
Home Arena: Palaghiaccio Tazzoli
Colors: Black, white, blue and yellow
Owner(s): Marco Moretti
General Manager: Renato Vaccarino
Head Coach: Zdenek Kudrna

Hockey Club Torino is a professional hockey team based in Turin, Italy.



Roster 2012/13Edit

Flag of Italy Alessandro DeFilippi
Flag of Italy
Flag of Italy Silvano Agresti
3 Flag of Italy Simone Galano
19Flag of Italy Guido Fontana
3 Flag of Italy Maria Grosso
26Flag of Canada.svg Angelo Mancarella
6 Flag of Italy Mauro Valsania
8 Flag of Russia Konstantin Tanin
Flag of Italy Evandro Ranauro "C"
Flag of Italy Edoardo Filipello
Flag of Italy Stefano Galbalma
Flag of Italy Paolo Bosca
Flag of Italy Paolo Albertelli
5 Flag of Italy Fabrizio Grassi
12 Flag of Italy Dario Piccione
17 Flag of Italy Domenico Raschella
9  Flag of Italy Fabrizio Farina
23 Flag of Italy Alessandro Morra
30 Flag of Italy Umberto Bergagna
25 Flag of Italy Federico Valerio
20 Flag of Italy Fabrizio Morabito
29 Flag of Italy Enrico Botto
22 Flag of Italy Luca Censullo
21 Flag of Italy Lorenzo Galbalma
39 Flag of Italy Federico Giannotti
34 Flag of Italy Carlomassimo Desperati
80 Flag of Italy Giorgio Sette
88 Flag of Italy Simone Belliero

Season-by-season recordEdit

2012/13 seasonEdit

Partite  Amatori


AMICHEVOLE:     Massari       -       15/11/2012 .  h. 21:00           Giugoma    -       BULLS                                    10-6

Giornata nr. 1
Tazzoli 11:00 25/11/2012 BULLS Giugoma 8-8
Giornata nr. 2
Tazzoli 16:30 16/12/2012 Genovalessandria BULLS 6-10
Giornata nr. 3
Tazzoli 16:30 20/01/2012 BULLS Spartans 0-5
Giornata nr. 4
Massari 21:00 19/02/2012 Giugoma BULLS 2-8
Giornata nr. 5
Tazzoli 15:00 16/03/2012 BULLS Genovalessandria 6-5
Giornata nr. 6
Pinerolo 21:30 15/04/2012 Spartans BULLS 14-4
Semifinali Play-Off

Torino  15:00      11/05/2013                   BULLS                     Giugoma                      7-3


Torino   20:00    19/05/2013                    Spartans                    BULLS                       2-4


Famous playersEdit

Head coachesEdit

  • 2013/14 - Flag of the Czech Republic Zdenek Kudrna

External linksEdit

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