HC Chiasso
HCChiasso logo
City: Chiasso, Switzerland
Division: Swiss 2.Liga
Founded: 1965
Home Arena: Stadio del ghiaccio
Colors: Blue and red
Owner(s): Nicola Medici
General Manager: Rinaldo Larghi
Head Coach: Pauli Jaks

Hockey Club Chiasso is a professional hockey team based in Chiasso, Switzerland.



Roster 2008/09Edit


Flag of Switzerland Angelo Franciamore
Flag of Switzerland Alessandro Pastorini
Flag of Switzerland Ted Bullo
Flag of Switzerland Nicholas Cetti
Flag of Switzerland Daniele Pestoni


Flag of Switzerland Sebastiano Guidotti
3 Flag of Italy Federico Botta
19Flag of Switzerland Christian Cetti
3 Flag of Italy Davide Franco
26Flag of Italy Mauro Grisi
6 Flag of Switzerland Nicola Medici
8 Flag of Switzerland Nicola Celio
Flag of Switzerland Francesco Bizzozzero
Flag of Switzerland Martin Wörndli


5 Flag of Italy Marco Aletti
12 Flag of Italy Claudio Battistini
17 Flag of Switzerland Francesco Ceppi
9 Flag of Italy Giuliano Consoli
23 Flag of Switzerland Luca Danesi
30 Flag of Switzerland Fabrice Eisenring
25 Flag of Switzerland Ivano Grassi
20 Flag of Italy Claudio Grisi
29 Flag of Italy Gundars Berkis
22 Flag of Switzerland Rinaldo Larghi
21 Flag of Italy Edoardo Raimondi


  • 1966/67 - 1st in III Division
  • 1967/68 - II Division
  • 1968/69 - in III Division


  • 1987/88 - in II Division


  • 1990/91 - in I Division



2007-Biasca Cup

Famous playersEdit

Head coachesEdit

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