This article is about the Chernivci Hochey history and development of the Ukrainian Hockey League.

Chernivci HockeyEdit

Inter WarEdit

1929, hockey club "Dovbush", Chernivchi, has been created.

1935, Pokutia hockey tournament, Participants: Sokil and Sokil-2 from Kolomyia, Dovbush and Dovbush-2 from Chernivci. HC Dovbush is the winner.

1940, first ice hockey tournament in the USSR. Participants: HC Lviv, HC Chernivci, HC Drohobych and several teams from Latvia.

After Second World WarEdit

The first regional hockey tournament with 6 participating teams started in Chernivci in 2006-07 season. Second regional hockey tournament in Chernivci had 8 participating teams in 2007-08 season. According to Chernivci rink manager Pavlo Poliovyi, by 2008-09 season arena will be reconstructed to confirm standard dimensions required for professional competitions. The first floor is planned for rink services, equipment rentals, juice-bar, counters, e.t.c.. The second floor is planned with stands for around 800 chairs. After reconstruction, starting from October 2008, participation of the local team in professional competitions planned. There plans to invite professional hockey couch to Chernivci prior the announcement of possible team participation in the West Conference of the First League, Ukrainian Ice Hockey Championship.

In addition to the ice-rink at stadium "Bukovyna" city council allocated a lot for future Ice-City Chernivci arena. According to preliminary "memorandum of mutual understanding" signed by city Major and Ukrainian ice-hockey federation President, joint participation of the government and private investors expected during construction of the Ice-City Chernivci arena, with several thousand spectators capacity.


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