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Story of the Hokey in Carpathians, Ukraine Edit

Several years ago, when the construction of the Bukovel Ski resort began, rumors started that soon it will become home to a hockey team. It turned out that there are plans to support youth hockey club based on local talents. An ambitious Bukovel management team signed the memorandum with government officials on construction and common management of multi-functional Olympic sports center with the infrastructure of ice hockey among other winter sports [1]. Bukovel continuously upgrades an infrastructure with target planning for 2018 Winter Olympics. According to an agreement signed with the Bukovel company which owns a modern winter sports complex in the Carpathians is to build an Olympic winter stadium. Owners of Bukovel assured that the company will do all it takes to prepare for the 2018 Winter Olympics. One of the biggest projects on the way to reach this goal is a construction of a modern ice hockey sports complex. According to Oleksandr Shevchenko, the owner of the Scorezone company that runs the Bukovel center, construction will be funded by private investors. Hopefully before such a complex will be constructed, an ambitious local hockey club might be able to participate in Ukrainian competitions too [2].

History of the Ice Hokey in Carpathians, Ukraine Edit

Around 1910—1920 in Carpathians the history of ice hokey (in ukrainian "hakivka") started.

1910, Lviv newspaper "Visti z Zaporizhia" was the first one to print in Ukrainian the rules of hockey.

1911, respectable Lviv newspaper "Dilo" informed about pioneer of the sport movement Ivan Bobersky and his efforts to introduce new sport "hakivka" among youth.

1911, sport club "Ukraine" Lviv created hockey section.

1929, hockey club "Ukraine" Lviv, announced participation in Poland championship.

1929, hockey club "Dovbush", Chernivchi, has been created.

1932, hockey club Ukraina, Lviv for the first time played with hockey club Dovbush, Chernivci. Ukraina-Dovbush 7:0.

1932, hockey club Podilia, Ternopil has been organized.

1935, Pokutia hockey tournament, Participants: Sokil and Sokil-2 from Kolomyia, Dovbush and Dovbush-2 from Chernivci. HC Dovbush is the winner.

1940, first ice hockey tournament in the USSR. Participants: HC Lviv, HC Chernivci, HC Drohobych and several teamd from Latvia.

1942, HC Ukraina, Lviv participated in tournament with German, Polish, Slovak and Chech teams. Final match HC Ukraina beats HC Schwartz Teufel from Germany 8:5 in Carpathian lemko town Krynycia.

Ice Hockey clubs in Carpathian Euro region Edit

There are several hockey clubs in Carpathian Euro region in neighboring Slovakia and Poland, playing successfully in respective national ice hockey competitions. Their success stories might be helpful to follow the suit for Carpathian towns in Ukraine. Some of the ice rinks in Carpatian Euro region quite nice:

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