Guldpipan (in English - Golden Whistle) officially known as SICO:s guldpipa, is a Swedish ice hockey award, awarded annually since 1982 to the premier referee in Elitserien as judged by the members of Sveriges Ishockeyspelares Centralorganisation (SICO; in English - Sweden's ice hockey players central organisation). The award holds a high status among officials since only players are allowed to vote. Ulf Rådbjer has the record of winning the award seven consecutive times.


Marcus Vinnerborg

Marcus Vinnerborg, two-time winner of Guldpipan.

     Referee still active

Year Winner Win #
1982 Eriksson, GaryGary Eriksson 1
1983 Eriksson, GaryGary Eriksson 2
1984 Henriksson, LarsLars Henriksson 1
1985 Lindgren, UlfUlf Lindgren 1
1986 Eriksson, GaryGary Eriksson 3
1987 Lind, KjellKjell Lind 1
1988 Lind, KjellKjell Lind 2
1989 Lind, KjellKjell Lind 3
1990 Johansson, BörjeBörje Johansson 1
1991 Johansson, BörjeBörje Johansson 2
1992 Johansson, BörjeBörje Johansson 3
1993 Öberg, RogerRoger Öberg 1
1994 Grundström, JörgenJörgen Grundström 1
1995 Öberg, RogerRoger Öberg 2
1996 Öberg, RogerRoger Öberg 3
1997 Rådbjer, UlfUlf Rådbjer 1
1998 Rådbjer, UlfUlf Rådbjer 2
1999 Rådbjer, UlfUlf Rådbjer 3
2000 Rådbjer, UlfUlf Rådbjer 4
2001 Rådbjer, UlfUlf Rådbjer 5
2002 Rådbjer, UlfUlf Rådbjer 6
2003 Rådbjer, UlfUlf Rådbjer 7
2004 Andersson, ThomasThomas Andersson 1
2005 Andersson, ThomasThomas Andersson 2
2006 Andersson, ThomasThomas Andersson 3
2007 Andersson, ThomasThomas Andersson 4
2008 Vinnerborg, MarcusMarcus Vinnerborg 1
2009 Vinnerborg, MarcusMarcus Vinnerborg 2


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