Grimsby Red Wings
City: Grimsby, England
League: ENIHL
Founded: 1932

The Grimsby Red Wings are a British ice hockey club.

The Red Wings were founded in 1932 (as the Grimsby Bulldogs) making them one of the oldest teams still in operation. The team currently competes in the North 2 division of the ENIHL.

The club operates a youth system which provide children from 8 to 18 with a chance to play ice hockey. They operate U11s, U13s, U15's, U17's, U20's and ENL teams, all of which are called the Grimsby RedWings.Visit their website at

Sledge Hockey TeamEdit

In March 2009 the Red Wings added a Sledge Hockey team to their organisation, becoming the first Ice Hockey club in the UK to do so.

Team Name ChangesEdit

The Red Wings have changed names many times, below is the history of these name changes. From 1985-2000, the team acted purely as a junior development team as the Grimsby Dynamos

Team Name Years
Grimsby Bulldogs 1932-1940's
Grimsby Redwings 1940's - 1982
Team Inactive 1982-1984
Grimsby Dynamos 1985-2000
Grimsby Buffalos 2001-2004
Team Inactive 2004-2005
Grimsby Red Wings 2006-present

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