Great Lakes Hockey League
Great Lakes Hockey League
Founded 1937
Head Office
Current champions Calumet Wolverines
Official Web site
Director of Hockey Operations

The Great Lakes Hockey League (GLHL) is an elite amateur adult men’s full contact ice hockey league that is affiliated with USA Hockey. Players must be at least 18 years of age and most have previous college, Junior or semi-pro hockey experience. There are currently ten teams in the league in two divisions- North and South. The teams are all based in Wisconsin Northern Illinois, and the upper peninsula of Michigan. The 1998-99 Portage Lake Pioneers hold the record for best regular season at 25-1. They also went undefeated in the playoffs and national championships.

Teams in the leagueEdit

There are currently ten teams in the Great Lakes Hockey League. They are divided into the North and South divisions:

North South
Calumet Wolverines Fond du Lac Bears
Eagle River Falcons Green Bay Deacons
Fox Cities Ice Dogs Oregon Stampede
Mosinee Papermakers West Bend Bombers
Portage Lake Pioneers Vernon Hills Capitals

League FormatEdit

The league is made up of ten teams that play a 26 game schedule running from October to March. Each GLHL game consists of three 20 minute periods. If the game is tied after regulation, there is a 5 minute overtime and if still tied a 4-man shootout. Following the regular season is the playoff tournament. The top eight teams in the league qualify for the playoff tournament.In the Quarter-final round teams are seeded first through eighth, and play with the first seed against the last, second against the second last, and so on. The teams that win in the first round move onto the semi-finals of the championship bracket, while those who lose move onto the consolation bracket. The Semi-finals teams that win in the championship bracket go on to the final, while those that lose are eliminated. Teams that win in the consolation bracket go on for the consolation final. In the Finals, teams that win are crowned champions of the appropriate bracket.

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