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Graz 99ers
Founded 1999
Home ice Eisstadion Graz Liebenau
Based in Graz, Austria
Colours Orange, silver, black
League Erste Bank Hockey League

Graz 99ers are an ice hockey team in the Erste Bank Hockey League, based in Graz, Austria. They play their home games at Eisstadion Liebenau.

Former Players Edit

<tr><td valign=top> </td><td valign=top>
  • Curtis Fry
  • Stefan Galli
  • Bill Gardner
  • Jeff Geiger
  • Rene Gollob
  • Dieter Grebin
  • Dave Gregory
  • Brent Gretzky
  • Wayne Groulx
  • Robert Guillet
  • Kevan Guy
  • Jari Haapamaki
  • Jiří Hála
  • Norbert Havasi
  • Rob Hisey
  • Bob Golmore
  • Martin Hlavacka
  • Maurice Hobek
  • Greg Holst
  • Ivo Jan
  • Carl-Johan Johansson
</td><td valign=top>
  • Mike Johnson
  • Steve Brule
  • Jacques Joubert
  • Mike Kelleher
  • Roman Klicznik
  • Gert Kompajn
  • Richard Laplante
  • Paul Lawless
  • Jeff Lazaro
  • Hannes Lucchini
  • Matus Luciak
  • Michael Luidolt
  • Kimmo Maki-Kokkila
  • Arthur Marczell
  • Alexei Marjin
  • Nick Martens
  • Scott McKay
  • Matthias Mezei
  • Niko Mikkola
  • Tommy Morth
  • Don Nachbaur
</td><td valign=top> </td><td valign=top>
  • J.C. Ruid
  • Michael Rudman
  • Miikka Ruokonen
  • Marcel Sakac
  • Lee Saunders
  • Sean Selmser
  • Jaroslav Sevcik
  • Mike Shea
  • Leopold Sivec
  • Miroslav Smidriak
  • Karel Soudek
  • Ben Storey
  • Conny Stromberg
  • David Struch
  • Jari Suorsa
  • Silvio Szybisty
  • Mathias Trattnig
  • Marc Tropper
  • Jeff Turner
  • Martin Ulrich
  • Rene Vallant
</td><td valign=top>
  • Jan Viktorsson
  • Tony Voce
  • Arto Vuoti
  • Steve Washburn
  • Krzystof Wdowiak
  • Richard Wildman
  • Franz Wilfan
  • Matt Wright
  • Peter Znenahlik

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