Grande Prairie, Alberta

A photo of Grande Prairie.

Grande Prairie is a city of over 50,000 in northwestern Alberta, Canada.


  1. (Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League, 1995-1996) join Alberta Junior Hockey League
  2. (Alberta Junior Hockey League, 1996-present)


The first ever games in the town took place on Saskatoon Lake around around the year 1910.  The town's first indoor rink was the 70'x100' Wapiti Arena which was located near the Canada Games Arena.  The arena would collapse during the 1940's and would be replaced by the Grande Prairie Memorial Arena which opened in December of 1949.

  • Canada Games Arena
  • Crystal Park School Rink
  • Coca-Cola Centre
  • Crystal Centre
  • Swanavon School Rink
  • Dave Barr Arena
  • Montrose Jr. High School Rink
  • Alexander Forbes School Rink
  • Hillside School Rink
  • Grande Prairie Memorial Arena


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