The Gardiner Cup was a professional ice hockey tournament that was held in Edinburgh, Scotland from September 24, 2009 until September 27, 2009. It featured two professional hockey teams from the American Hockey League and two from the Elite Ice Hockey League. The Hamilton Bulldogs were the winner in the event, defeating the Toronto Marlies in the final 3–1.


The tournament is part of Scotland's 2009 Homecoming celebrations and is intended to honour the contribution of persons of Scottish descent to ice hockey. The tournament is named after Charlie Gardiner, professional goaltender with the Chicago Black Hawks. Gardiner was born in Edinburgh and was captain of the 1934 Black Hawks Stanley Cup championship squad.

Team ResultsEdit

The 2009 Gardiner Cup goes to the Hamilton bulldogs.


All games were played at Murrayfield Ice Rink.

  • September 24 - Hamilton versus Toronto, (Final) Hamilton wins 1-0 over Toronto.
  • September 26 - (Semi-final) Edinburgh versus Toronto, Toronto wins 6-1 over Edinburgh.
  • September 26 - (Semi-final) Belfast versus Hamilton, Hamilton wins 7-0 over Belfast.
  • September 27 - (Final) Winner of Edinburgh v. Toronto (Toronto) versus winner of Belfast v. Hamilton (Hamilton) Hamilton wins 3-1 over Toronto.



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