The GAG line was a famous ice hockey line for the New York Rangers in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It consisted of Jean Ratelle at center, Rod Gilbert on right wing and Vic Hadfield (also the Rangers team captain) on the left side. They became famous for playing on a great New York team that unfortunately never won a Stanley Cup. The GAG line was an acronym for Goal-A-Game line as these linemates averaged over 1 goal a game while playing together.

The line was broken up in 1975 as Jean Ratelle was traded along with defenseman Brad Park and Joe Zanussi to the Boston Bruins in exchange for Carol Vadnais and Phil Esposito. At the time, this was considered the biggest blockbuster trade in NHL history. Hadfield went on to play with other teams, while Ratelle finished his career as a Bruin and Rod Gilbert remained with the Rangers for the rest of his career.

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