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FFHG Division 2 (Fédération Française de Hockey sur Glace Division 2 or French Ice Hockey Federation Division 2) is a professional ice hockey league in France. It is the third of four levels of professional ice hockey in France.


FFHG Division 2 consists of 20 teams divided into two pools with ten teams each.

Pool AEdit

  • Asnières Castors
  • Annecy Knights of Lake
  • Champigny Moose
  • Chambéry Elephants
  • Clermont Boars
  • Dunkirk Pirates
  • La Roche-sur-Yon Eagles
  • Orléans Foxes
  • Rouen Dragons (2sd team)
  • Wasquehal Lions

Pool BEdit

  • Amnéville Galaxians
  • Cholet Dogs
  • Evry Red Skins
  • Lyon Hockey Club Lions
  • Meudon Comets
  • Nantes Pirates
  • Paris Frenches flying
  • Toulon Buccaneers
  • Vanoise Alpine Ibex
  • Viry-Essonne Jets


Each team plays the other teams in their pool at home and away (18 games). At the end of this regular season the 8 highest ranking teams in each pool enter a combined knock-out play-off series while the four lowest ranking teams (two from each pool) enter a play-off series of their own. The winner of the former play-off series is promoted to FFHG Division 1 while the loser of the latter play-off series is demoted to FFHG Division 3.


Year Champion Runner-Up
1972-1973 Brûleurs de Loups de Grenoble
1973-1974 Français Volants (Paris)
1974-1975 Diables Noirs de Tours
1976-1977 Les Houches
1977-1978 Brûleurs de Loups de Grenoble
1978-1979 Épinal
1979-1980 Pralognan-la-Vanoise
1980-1981 Nîmes
1981-1982 Français Volants
1982-1983 Viry II
1983-1984 Nice Orléans
1984-1985 Bordeaux Français Volant Paris II
1985-1986 Épinal Morzine
1986-1987 Clermont Morzine
1987-1988 Dijon Hockey Club Lyon
1988-1989 Lyon Deuil-la-barre
1989-1990 Morzine Le Vésinet
1990-1991 Valenciennes Le Vésinet
1991-1992 Annecy Morzine
1992-1993 Brest Albatros Hockey Léopards de Caen
1993-1994 Léopards de Caen Vikings de Cherbourg
1994-1995 Briançon Étoile Noire de Strasbourg
1995-1996 Morzine Valenciennes
1996-1997 Cholet Le Vésinet
1997-1998 Toulouse Diables Noirs de Tours
1998-1999 Brest Albatros Hockey Castors d'Asnières
1999-2000 Dijon Hockey Club Morzine
2000-2001 Séquanes de Besançon Castors d'Asnières
2001-2002 Brest Albatros Hockey Castors d'Asnières
2002-2003 Castors d'Avignon Drakkars de Caen
2003-2004 Montpellier Toulouse
2004-2005 Chevaliers du Lac d'Annecy Viry-Châtillon
2005-2006 Diables Noirs de Tours Boxers de Bordeaux
2006-2007 ASM Belfort Hockey Albatros de Brest
2007-2008 Aigles de Nice Lions de Lyon
2008-2009 Albatros de Brest Scorpions de Mulhouse
2009-2010 Orques d'Anglet Bélougas de Toulouse

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