The France women's national ice hockey team represents France at the IIHF World Women Championships and the Olympics.

They last competed in the 2009 Women's World Ice Hockey Championships where they finished 6th in Division I and were relegated to Division II in the 2011 Women's World Ice Hockey Championships.

They are rated 15th in the world (2010).

European ChampionshipsEdit

  • 1989 9th
  • 1991 7th
  • 1993 9th
  • 1995 11th
  • 1996 11th

World ChampionshipsEdit

  • 1999 3rd Pool B
  • 2000 5th Pool B
  • 2001 5th Pool B
  • 2003 4th Division I
  • 2004 4th Division I
  • 2005 4th Division I
  • 2007 3rd Division I
  • 2008 4th Division I
  • 2009 6th Division I; relegated to Division II

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