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The Florida Junior Hockey League was a junior hockey league that appears to have existed from 1999 to 2001.

For the league's first season the league had 4 member teams, the Daytona Beach, Florida based Daytona Riptide, the Florida Junior Bandits (unknown location), Fort Lauderdale Junior Panthers,  and the Miami Junior Matadors.

1999-2000 StandingsEdit

Team                           GP    W    L    T   GF    GA     P
Miami Junior Manatees           28   22   2    4   189   87    48
Fort Lauderdale Junior Panthers 26   13   9    4   104   83    30
Florida Junior Bandits          27   7    15   5   87    136   19
Daytona Riptide                 25   4    20   1   66    144   9

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